ADS Securities Rebrands As ADSS

ADS SecuritiesADS Securities, an Abu Dhabi-based financial services company founded in 2011, has announced its rebranding in order to be known as ADSS from now on in order to reflect the firm’s expansion into new markets and the full range of financial products it now offers.
The broker’s website can now be accessed at the domain as this in-house development, in partnership with WMG and NetConstruct, is completed.
Philippe Ghanem, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ADSS, commented:
“When we launched ADSS in 2011 we were an Abu Dhabi based FX and commodities brokerage, but now we have a significant presence in Asia, Europe and we are developing into Africa. Abu Dhabi is our headquarters, and this is still reflected in our brand, but by becoming ADSS we have an identity which is accessible and relevant to the wide range of financial services clients we now work with.”
ADSS has been recently making changes to its management team, including the hiring of former ImpacTech Jean El Khoury as Head of Marketing for the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as former ICAP Chief Technology Officer Emmanuel Coulon as Head of IT. Coulon was called to place a broader focus on developing more robust trading applications and also marks group’s latest emphasis on the OREX platform. His new role includes developing ADSS technology offering for both institutional and retail clients that are witnessing a healthy and robust growth.
Additionally, Nael Saleh, former GKFX executive, was appointed Head of Retail Sales for the Middle East and North Africa region.
“Our clients around the world will recognize this as an evolution of the brand. We have reached a point in our growth and development when our identity needs to speak to a wider audience.  As we introduce the latest technology, products and services ADSS needs to connect with a modern and youthful audience, as well as our traditional and well established clients.  We wanted the new logo to keep representing the values we are known for but also work for new traders and investors.  We are entering a new stage in our development and have a new brand to help take us forward”, Ghanem added.
Philippe Ghanem, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ADSS
Philippe Ghanem, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ADSS

The new identity of ADSS will be used across all regulated entities based in London and Hong Kong as well. It was in February 2017 that the broker was granted a Type 6 regulated activity licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission, in addition to the license to the Type, 1, 2 and 3 licenses it already holds. The Type 6 license allows ADSS Hong Kong to advise clients on corporate finance, which enables it to provide a comprehensive financial platform and a diversified financial products selection to clients.

ADSS offers commodity trading (precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium), foreign exchange, and multi-asset investment services. In 2016, the company announced the launch of an Arabic language trading application called OREX mobile. ADSS London is authorized and licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.