What is it and is it worth using?

Traders Union’s comprehensive eToro leverage review elucidates on the potential rewards and risks of leverage trading, emphasizing informed decision-making for optimal trading outcomes.

Leverage trading, a strategic method of investing, has piqued the interest of many financial market participants. It offers the potential to maximize returns, making it a popular choice among savvy traders. This article dives into a comprehensive eToro leverage review, a topic gaining prominence due to its pivotal role in shaping trading decisions. 

Traders Union has published the eToro leverage review, which has published an enlightening review to guide traders better. TU has highlighted the requirements and leverages of eToro in UK and other regions.

What is leverage trading and margin requirement?

Traders Union (TU) experts explain that leverage trading maximizes potential profits from your available funds. Consider it like this:

  • Leverage in trading enables you to increase the value of a small amount of money. This escalated sum can then be used to trade for higher returns.
  • For instance, if you have $400 and wish to earn returns higher than this amount would typically allow, a broker offering a 10:1 leverage could enable you to manage a $4000 position with your $400 deposit.
  • The margin here would be the initial $400. Essentially, it’s the minimum amount required to open a position. It is calculated by dividing the value of the desired position by the larger number in the leverage ratio.

eToro UK leverage

According to TU experts, UK regulations permit a certain level of leverage. eToro, acting within the bounds of these regulations, offers a maximum leverage ratio of 30:1 on major currencies. The exact ratio can vary, largely influenced by the type of commodity being traded. Traders must be aware of these variances, which are critical in potential return calculations.

eToro leverage in other regions

Apart from the United States, TU experts found that eToro maintains standard leverage across the globe. A noteworthy exception, however, is that services are currently unavailable to residents of Afghanistan, the Aland Islands, and Armenia. The platform’s leverage ratios vary with the asset class, ranging from a high of 30:1 for major currency pairs to a more conservative 2:1 for cryptocurrencies.

Should I try leverage trading?

Leverage trading can be enticing, offering substantial returns, but TU experts caution that it comes with a proportionate level of risk. As such, they recommend that only those ready to shoulder the risk, equipped with the necessary training and experience, should consider this trading strategy.

Why is the US strict on leverage trading?

The United States has implemented stringent regulations on leverage trading to safeguard inexperienced and potentially uninformed traders from significant losses. These measures are designed to prevent exploitation and effectively manage the risks associated with this high-stakes trading strategy. By imposing stricter rules, authorities aim to create a more controlled environment that promotes responsible trading practices. This approach protects individuals from excessive financial risks that could result in severe consequences. The focus on investor protection and risk management demonstrates the commitment to maintaining a fair and stable trading landscape while reducing the potential for exploitation and financial hardship.

What is the eToro leverage ratio?

The eToro leverage ratio, as analyzed by TU experts, varies with the type of financial instrument involved. For instance, the ratio is 30:1 for major currencies, the highest available. Conversely, when dealing with cryptocurrencies, the leverage ratio shrinks to 2:1, the lowest offered by the platform.


While leveraging presents an exciting avenue to amplify profits potentially, traders must remain cognizant of the associated risks. Informed decision-making, guided by reliable resources such as the eToro leverage review by Traders Union, can undoubtedly assist in navigating these complex trading waters. We encourage readers to explore further the wealth of insights offered on Traders Union’s official website, which is a dependable source of knowledge for all trading-related queries and strategies.