WEB311: Hashdex to launch ETF to help invest in Web3

Hashdex’s WEB311 ETF replicates the “CF Web 3.0 Smart Contract Platforms Index” by CF Benchmarks and is dedicated to Smart Contract Blockchain Assets.

Hashdex has announced the upcoming launch of its Web3 ETF, available on the Brazilian stock exchange, B3, under the ticker symbol WEB311 starting March 30, 2022.

The crypto focused asset manager developed the new ETF product to offer a diversified method for investing in Web3 and its underlying smart contract platforms.

The reserve period for the new ETF begins Monday, March 14, 2022 through Friday, March 25, 2022.

Marcelo Sampaio, co-founder and CEO at Hashdex, said: “We believe Web3 represents the future of the internet and is a further indication of the possibilities offered through blockchain technology. The WEB311 ETF not only provides exposure to the smart contract platforms underpinning Web3, but serves as an accessible and unique way to invest in projects that will be the main engine of the internet of the future.”

Sui Chung, Chief Executive Officer of CF Benchmarks, commented: “CF Benchmarks is immensely proud its Web 3.0 Smart Contract Platforms Index will be replicated by the world’s first ETF dedicated to Smart Contract Blockchain Assets – the ground-breaking WEB311 ETF. Hot on the heels of the DEFI11 ETF, this launch is further proof of growing investor demand for regulated exposure to specific segments of the fast-maturing blockchain economy, demonstrating how our partners at Hashdex are committed to delivering innovation for both institutional and individual investors.”

The WEB311 ETF will replicate the “CF Web 3.0 Smart Contract Platforms Index”, which allocates to digital assets native to smart contract blockchains, with an initial composition of seven large digital assets: Ethereum (22.5%); Cardano (22.5%); Solana (22.1%); Polkadot (19.5%); Algorand (8.8%); Tezos (3.5%); and Cosmos (1.1%).

Hashdex has launched the world’s first crypto ETFs, including HASH11, which currently has more than 150,000 investors, BITH11, a 100% green Bitcoin product, ETHE11, an index fund that invests entirely in Ethereum, and DEFI11, which seeks to offer investors diversified, secure, and regulated exposure in all segments of the DeFi ecosystem.

Nasdaq and Hashdex have recently partnered for a twelve-part course designed to provide informative and educational resources for financial advisors on the evolution of the digital asset ecosystem, investing considerations, regulation, and taxes.

Going by the name of Advisor Academy Digital Assets curriculum, the course was made in partnership with crypto-focused asset manager Hashdex and is open to all financial professionals free of charge.

The program contains live presentations on core learning materials, Q&A, and practice modules for each session in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the digital asset landscape, including participants, institutions, rules, and strategies.

Lectures are guided by Keith Black, PhD, CFA, CAIA, FDP, adjunct faculty at the University of Massachusetts, and includes participation from Nasdaq and Hashdex experts. Each session is followed by discussions with leading industry practitioners.