Vantage revamps Copy Trading: interface, education, and profit-sharing

The enhanced Copy Trading features align with the industry’s shift toward customization, transparency, and education. As traders continue to seek streamlined interfaces, advanced functionalities, and a supportive ecosystem, platforms that cater to these needs stand at the forefront of shaping the future of online trading.

Vantage Markets has unveiled a groundbreaking upgrade to its trading app, introducing a suite of enhanced Copy Trading features that promise to reshape the way traders engage with the financial markets.

The upgrade empowers traders with seamless copying of trades from signal providers, coupled with customizable profit-sharing ratios, ushering in a new era of user-centric trading experiences.

Vantage App’s interface integrates both copy trading and regular trading accounts

The new version of the Vantage App introduces a user interface that seamlessly integrates both copy trading and regular trading accounts onto a single account management page. This innovation streamlines the trading experience, allowing users to navigate and manage their trading activities more efficiently.

The key to this upgrade lies in the introduction of functional tabs that enrich the trading process. The Copy Trading and Community tabs provide copy traders with the tools to discover signal providers who match their preferences. The comprehensive information on signal providers, including historical performance, risk appetite, preferred asset classes, and performance data, aids users in making informed decisions.

Furthermore, the Academy tab offers a repository of educational resources that empower traders to embark on their trading journeys with confidence. Beginner-friendly articles on copy trading and a comprehensive glossary of essential terms provide the necessary foundation for traders, whether they’re novices or experienced professionals.

Profit-Sharing Feature grants autonomy over earnings

The highlight of this upgrade is the innovative Profit-Sharing Feature, which grants signal providers greater autonomy over their earnings. This feature allows signal providers to set their desired profit-sharing ratio, up to a maximum of 50%. By displaying this information upfront, the platform empowers potential copiers to select signal providers whose profit-sharing ratios align with their risk tolerance and profit expectations.

Vantage’s commitment to innovation has not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year, the company was honored with the Best-in-Class Social Copy Trading Award 2023 from This recognition underscores Vantage’s continuous dedication to enhancing the trading experience through progressive app development.

Lian Jie, Assistant Director of App Marketing at Vantage, said: “We are delighted to unveil the upgraded Copy Trading function, equipped with a range of exciting features to better suit the needs of both our copiers and signal providers. Our improved copy trading functions have been so well received that one in five new clients now opt for a copy trading account just to experience this innovative way of trading.”

Jie emphasized that traders today are seeking intuitive design, system stability, rapid transaction speeds, and advanced applications in their trading platforms. These aspects remain paramount for Vantage, with every app development aligned with the evolving needs of their clients. The ultimate goal is to create an All-In-One trading app that combines speed and simplicity to enhance the trading experience for clients.

With over 13 years of market experience, Vantage stands as more than just a broker. It offers clients access to a nimble and potent service for trading CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares, ETFs, and Bonds.

Earlier this year, the firm was recognized by as the Best-in-Class Social Copy Trading, further underscoring Vantage’s dedication to enhancing the trading experience and highlighting the industry’s recognition of the importance of social and copy trading as integral components of modern trading platforms.