TT adds products listed on SGX, ASX, HKEX, JPX to algo execution suite

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) has added four major Asia-Pacific (APAC) exchanges to marketplaces supported by TT Premium Order Types.

TT Premium Order Types is the trading software provider’s new suite of sophisticated algorithmic execution strategies that feature advanced synthetic order types.

The tool is powered by proprietary technology to enable users to optimally manage orders and improve trade execution by using built-in, product-specific market intelligence that clients can employ across a range of global marketplaces.

It can leverage quantitative modeling and back-testing to help strategize the order types they want to utilize based on their broader goals as well as micro- and macro-economic factors.

Products listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX Group) are now fully supported by TT Premium Order Types, which will very soon add products traded on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), and Japan Exchange Group (JPX).

Improve hedging and explore trading and arbitrage opportunities

Guy Scott, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer at TT, said: “We’re excited to add these important APAC exchanges to our offering of best-of-breed synthetic order types, driven by quantitative modeling, available directly through the TT platform. Asset managers, hedge funds, trading groups, commodity firms and others can apply these value-added tools to round out their macro portfolios, improve their hedging capabilities, and explore new trading and arbitrage opportunities.”

Other markets supported by TT Premium Order Types include Cboe Futures Exchange, CME Group, Eurex, Euronext, Intercontinental Exchange, the London Metal Exchange (LME) and Montréal Exchange.

More markets will be added in the APAC region and globally based on client demand, the firm stated.

Algo product suite is a direct result of TT’s acquisition of RCM-X

Earlier this year, Trading Technologies acquired RCM-X, a technology provider of algorithmic execution strategies and quantitative trading products.

As a result, the trading software provider significantly enhanced its algo execution capabilities, including the addition of TT Premium Order Types, whose extensive library was built for a broad range of execution use cases:

  • TT Brisk: targeting arrival price and enhancing physical basis trades
  • TT Close: for executing intelligently into the settlement or market close
  • TT POV: in line with market activity to target a rate or in illiquid markets
  • TT Prowler: for iceberg-style execution with additional anti-gaming and liquidity capture features
  • TT Scale POV: to execute within a target range dependent on market conditions
  • TT TWAP+: for time-weighted average price execution evenly across time with intelligent sizing and distribution
  • TT VWAP+: for volume-weighted average price execution with expected liquidity, such as during settlement windows to mimic Trading at Settlement (TAS)