TS Imagine reports 72% increase in global recurring bookings

On a regional level, recurring bookings were up 200% in North America, 50% in Europe, and 20% in Asia Pacific.

TS Imagine has announced a surge in recurring bookings for FY 2022, with demand increasing in all regions mainly due to clients looking to address challenging, complex markets, and to enjoy synergies from the May 2021 merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software.

Besides the recurring booking growth in every region, the cross-asset provider of trading, portfolio, and risk management solutions noted that 2022 saw a surge in fixed-income EMS demand.

TS Imagine further explained the surge in client demand: the firm saw an increase of 72% in global recurring bookings. On a regional level, recurring bookings were up 200% in North America, 50% in Europe, and 20% in Asia Pacific, demonstrating clear, global demand for the combined company’s trading and risk management solutions.

TS Imagine noted more demand for fixed income EMS due to extreme volatility

Another key highlight is the acceleration of client demand for the TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS, which quadrupled in 2022 amid extreme bond market volatility and greater adoption of electronic trading by fixed-income asset managers.

The 2023 roadmap includes plans to release at least two new products specifically developed for asset managers, hedge funds and banks, and will announce significant enhancements within its existing product suite.

TS Imagine added that an end goal is to develop, deliver, and package highly sophisticated trading and risk management tools via a SaaS-based offering that allows clients to trade and monitor their risk exposure anytime, anywhere, and in any asset class.

The SaaS platform features integrated electronic front-office trading, portfolio management, and financial risk management tools to the buy-side and sell-side.

TS Imagine expanded C-suite team and hired over 100 people in 2022

In addition, after the merger between Trading Screen and Imagine Software, the new company invested heavily in attracting talent, having hired hired 100 new staff members globally in 2022, many of whom are data scientists and engineers based in the emerging technology hub of Montreal, Quebec.

TS Imagine also expanded its C-suite team, promoting Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Bodenski, and hiring Chief Markets Officer, Spencer Lee, Chief Financial Officer, Kate Peachway and Chief Marketing Officer, Renee Calabro.

Andrew Morgan, President and Chief Revenue Officer of TS Imagine, said: “We are proud to provide our solutions to a discerning client base consisting of many of the world’s leading financial institutions. We are the pre-eminent choice for these firms due to our true client perspective, superior products, and ability to attract talented employees. We were pleased to see demand for our platform surge in 2022 and look forward to continuing to leverage our perspective and extensive global capabilities to develop and deliver best-in-class trading and risk management solutions to our uncompromising client base.”