Trust Machines lures Aubrey Strobel and ex-Binance.US’ Rena Shah

Trust Machines, a blockchain venture co-founded by Stacks inventor Muneeb Ali, has appointed two veterans from the crypto world to fill executive roles in its advisory and operation teams.

Trust Machines

The new appointments will see Aubrey Strobel serving as a marketing and communications advisor, while Rena Shah was installed as the company’s new head of strategy and operations.

Aubrey Strobel had served most recently as the Head of Communications at bitcoin rewards company Lolli. She discovered crypto in 2016 and worked for a few different blockchain projects shortly after wrapping up her journalism degree.

While at Lolli, she was tasked with communications, public relations, and marketing efforts. Prior to that, Aubrey was a senior executive at Wachsman, a blockchain public relations and consulting firm headquartered in New York. There, she led high-profile accounts including CoinDesk, Dash, tZERO, amongst others. Other stops include different stints at BerlinRosen, a political advocacy public affairs firm, and was also a broadcast journalist for KRWG-TV.

“I am excited to expand the awareness of Bitcoin in Web3 with Trust Machines. I believe bitcoin’s brightest days are ahead of us and look forward to attracting talent to build applications, companies, and tools around and on the Bitcoin blockchain. I’m thrilled to be advising alongside a talented team of engineers, developers, and leaders. I look forward to reframing the Bitcoin narrative while also sharing many great announcements, community events, and developments this year,” Aubrey Strobel said.

Trust Machines unlocks bitcoin’s potential

Meanwhile, Trust Machines has onboarded Binance.US’s former head of exchange Rena Shah as Head of Operations and Strategy. During her tenure at the American affiliate of the world’s largest crypto exchange, she helped grow Binance.US to exceed $3 billion in daily trading volume and over three million users. Shah was also instrumental in evaluating more than 50 new asset listings, launched the platform’s new liquidity management features, and played a key role in Binance’s metaverse expansion.

Prior to landing at Binance.US, Shah was the director of business development at institutional trade settlement venue Apifiny. Her career encompasses senior roles at crypto investing app Ember Fund and most recently as an advisor at Tribe Capital, a $1.5 billion venture capital fund.

Rena Shah said: “I am elated to shepherd a new wave of Bitcoin applications for the ecosystem with Trust Machines. I’m bullish about the true utility of building with the Bitcoin blockchain by unlocking $1T in assets to be productive for you. I look forward to shifting the mindset that Bitcoin is simply a store of value with the applications we incubate.”

The new hires come shortly after Trust Machines launched out of stealth mode with $150 million in funding to expand bitcoin as a web3 platform. Co-founded by Muneeb Ali and Princeton University computer science professor J.P. Singh, the startup wants to unlock bitcoin’s potential from being only a passive store of value to being a final settlement layer for computing platforms and applications.

CEO and Co-founder of Trust Machines, Muneeb Ali comments: “I’m thrilled to announce we are continuing to bring on amazing talent and partners to Trust Machines. I have admired both Aubrey and Rena’s work over the years and I look forward to the value they will add to our organization and bitcoin ecosystem.”