Tron taps Oraichain to harness AI potential

Tron, the blockchain network founded by Justin Sun, has joined the ecosystem of Oraichain with the stated goal of facilitating rapid growth inside the network’s cutting-edge AI Layer 1 infrastructure.

This alliance strives to offer a stable, secure, and high-throughput infrastructure to power advanced solutions that utilize and leverage artificial intelligence. The TRON-Oraichain partnership provides education, incubation, and technical integrations to developers, thereby empowering a complete AI blockchain ecosystem.

“Blockchain based solutions alone are considered revolutionary and disruptive. By providing developers with the tools they need to create innovative AI-powered solutions, TRON and Oraichain are paving the way for a future in which decentralized AI is the norm,” the joint statement reads.

At its core, the collaboration fosters a community of developers, investors, and enthusiasts who are passionate about the potential of blockchain and AI. It will also provide educational resources to help stakeholders familiarize themselves with the technology and how to apply AI across the spectrum of their business.

To make this a reality, the initiative aims to raise awareness around the potential for AI and achieve industry breakthroughs by delivering AI functionality from Oraichain to the TRON network.

Oraichain will work to ensure TVM compatibility whilst using machine learning to build predictive models and optimize business processes. It will also provide documentation in the coming AI Oracle Client SDK to provide smart contracts on the TRON network with AI functionality.

Applying knowledge mining to uncover latent insights from vast repositories of data will enable developers to explore unique use cases, taking advantage of fully decentralized infrastructure to ensure maximum transparency for data sources, model accuracy, execution, and royalty distribution. Oraichain advisory board also guides the projects in the matters of technical optimization, business models, development strategies and so on.

Finally, the partnership will also allow for the transfer of assets between the TRON blockchain and Oraichain though adding TRC20 token compatibility to OraiBridge. This makes it possible to create new asset pairs on OraiDEX and power cross-chain DeFi projects to harness the potential of AI. It will also mark the first available bridge between TRON and the IBC ecosystem, expanding diversification opportunities for both ecosystems.

Originally launched in 2020, Oraichain is a data oracle platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI) within a blockchain infrastructure to introduce breakthrough technologies. The project acts as a bridge that creates the framework for AI-powered smart contracts and Dapps in the future. Oraichain is backed by a team with an extensive background in computer science and blockchain technology.

Being an Oracle platform, Oraichain is able to handle a range of data validation tasks. This includes biometric authentication, automated trading based on price prediction and AI strategy, loans based on credit ratings, product comparison, in-game item valuation, and more.