TradingView adds German broker zero, one of the largest German no-fee brokers, is now integrated with TradingView, enabling users to perform technical and fundamental analysis, as well as trade through charts without leaving the site.

The professional charting and trading platform describes, which launched in 2021, as a promising and constantly evolving online broker project. Backed by the world-famous news portal, it has grown into a prominent regional player, regulated by the Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. has also joined forces with Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart Group, to launch a trading venue for digital assets.

The zero commissions, understandably, have driven massive increases in trading volumes and helped incumbent brokers capitalize on a new class of retail investors. But, despite an influx of dummies and a dramatic spike in trading volume, the move ultimately proved painful, and the revenue give-up wasn’t easy in the long term.

Ten years after Robinhood launched with no-fee trading, almost all major brokerages have caught up with a wave of fee-eliminating announcements over the last four years.

Finanzen customers can use their TradingView login credentials to link their Finanzen account and gain access to charting tools, 600+ trading instruments, trade directly from TradingView charts, and interact with over 30 million traders. TradingView users will simply navigate to their Finanzen broker profile, register and connect their account.

To access their new partner, users need just to head over to TradingView platform’s trading panel to find Finanzen’s icon, type in their broker credentials, and start experiencing new opportunities, the company explains.

TradingView users, who are also Finanzen brokerage customers, can receive customized alerts on breaking news, connect with other users, write down thoughts and scout the most active stocks of the day. Direct integration also allows them to trade without custody fees, flat-rate third-party costs or additional costs directly from TradingView charts.

“The opportunities are endless as there is no minimum order amount and no commissions or fees for trades above 500 Euros in volume. Also, rest assured that your account is protected by statutory deposit insurance,” the announcement states.

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