TradingView adds Bitrue as newest crypto trading partner

Professional charting and trading Platform TradingView has integrated Bitrue as the latest cryptocurrency trading partner. TradingView announced the addition of the first-ever crypto exchange to its trading board back in 2018 when it signed Poloniex.

Bitrue traders will be able to trade 250 different cryptocurrencies at current market prices directly from TradingView — all while conducting top-tier technical analysis.

The Singaporean centralized platform, which debuted in July 2018, is a diverse crypto exchange that supports spot and futures trading, crypto loans, and high-interest yield farming and staking.

To access their new partner, users need just to head over to TradingView platform’s trading panel to find Bitrue icon, type in their broker credentials, and start experiencing new opportunities, the company explains.

“By sharing our data on TradingView, we can better expose the hundreds of assets that are already on Bitrue to the millions of traders on their platform. This can facilitate tokens with low market caps in finding the critical audience they need to make their businesses sustainable, eventually leading to their growth and success,” said Robert-Quartly-Janeiro, Chief Strategy Officer of Bitrue.

The deal is yet another marquee expansion for TradingView, as it continues to increase the number of supported crypto exchanges on its platform. Most recently, Binance Futures product was integrated with the professional platform, enabling users to perform technical and fundamental analysis, as well as trade through charts without leaving the site.

The alliance could boost interest in Binance’s offering after it was forced to wind down its futures and derivatives product in many countries amid a growing crackdown by regulators. The influential exchange has come under increasing regulatory scrutiny in Europe and Asia amid concerns about compliance and protection for investors.

Crypto derivatives surged in popularity among retail investors during the global pandemic, prompting regulators to put Binance and other platforms under increased scrutiny even though most cryptocurrency trading is unregulated.

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