Tradefeedr welcomes TD Securities as newest Liquidity Provider on its FX data analytics platform

TD Securities has gone live on Tradefeedr, enhancing FX data analytics and transparency through the platform’s unified data API.

Tradefeedr, the eminent FX Data Analytics Platform, has reported that TD Securities has commenced utilizing its services. By leveraging Tradefeedr’s unified data API, TD Securities and its clients can now access and analyze their trading data more efficiently, promoting transparency and fostering better engagement across parties.

This integration facilitates the seamless flow of TD Securities’ trading data into Tradefeedr’s platform, simplifying processes such as Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), client analysis, benchmarking, and comparisons. TD Securities aims to foster a “data dialogue” with its buy-side clients, ensuring both use the same independent tools for assessments and algorithmic analysis.

Tradefeedr harnessing more trading data to enhance decision-making for all

Balraj Bassi, Co-founder & CEO of Tradefeedr, welcomed TD Securities, recognizing the value of connecting with leading financial institutions to standardize and scrutinize trading data. This amalgamation of data across various entities is expected to yield new insights and improve decision-making for all stakeholders involved.

“We are delighted to welcome TD Securities as our newest Liquidity Provider. Connecting to the world’s leading financial institutions allows us to capture, standardize and analyze more trading data, which delivers new insights and better decision-making for all”, said Balraj Bassi.

Ellie Griffiths, Global Head of eFX Sales at TD Securities, noted the advantage of utilizing Tradefeedr for TCA and client reporting standardization through trusted, independent analytics. Furthermore, the platform allows TD Securities to fortify client relationships by utilizing data to identify growth opportunities and bolster engagement.

“Tradefeedr allows us to conduct TCA and standardize our client reporting using trusted independent analytics. In addition, we are now able to deepen relationships with clients by identifying growth opportunities, using data to increase engagement”, said Ellie Griffiths.

Tradefeedr’s reputable data analytics network encompasses 21 premier Liquidity Providers, 50 major buy-side firms, and 10 trading platforms. This collaborative environment offers a consistent perspective of trading data, complemented by state-of-the-art, independent analytical tools. The engagement of TD Securities with Tradefeedr underscores a growing industry trend towards data-centric strategies and transparency in foreign exchange trading operations.