Tools For Brokers makes Ivan Egorov in charge of liquidity bridge sales

The new edition of the Trade Processor liquidity bridge features several client-facing upgrades and backend enhancements, as well as new Liquidity Providers (cTrader and Binance) and the addition of Spot and Futures crypto trading.

Tools for Brokers has promoted Ivan Egorov to Global Head of Sales as part of the company’s new focus on growing the Trade Processor liquidity bridge and acquiring new market niches.

The long-serving member of the brokers technology provider has joined the firm in 2016 and has spent the last two years as the Head of Sales at the Cyprus office, where his primary focuses were on growing and training the team, acquiring new clients, and reaching the quarterly and annual sales targets.

Ivan Egorov, Global Head of Sales at Tools for Brokers, commented: “I am very excited and thankful for the opportunity to lead the global sales team. Our team consists of exceptionally talented people, and it will be my honour to shape and execute the company’s global strategy. I am confident that together we will reach new heights and provide our clients with the best service on the market.”

Trade Processor (TP) is a central component of the TFB ecosystem that enables brokers to bridge their trading to multiple liquidity providers, manage risks, and collect data via a simple and useful web UI with the possibility to:

Collect and analyse statistics from multiple servers and segment them into A-book, B-book (optional), and C-Book (hedged).

Switch the orders/positions on the fly between liquidity providers and brokerage models.

Set up a backup liquidity provider to secure the trading process.

Support connections to a wide range of liquidity providers with powerful performance capability and secure data delivery.

Work within a White Label (WL) environment and be customised to a specific broker’s needs.

Platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

The firm has recently released a new edition of the Trade Processor liquidity bridge which features several client-facing upgrades and backend enhancements, as well as new Liquidity Providers – cTrader and Binance – added to the ecosystem.

Brokers can now offer Spot and Futures crypto trading, expanding their trading list, making their offerings more competitive, and targeting new client groups.

Risk management is also enhanced with the introduction of Internal hedging. Internal hedging adds automation and better management of exposure by instrument. If volumes exceed brokers’ thresholds, they can hedge them on the Liquidity side.

Additionally, the latest edition of Trade Processor allows switching positions between Liquidity Providers for multiple symbols at a time to be more efficient. Brokers can create and instantly import or export settings profiles, avoiding settings duplicates and using it to create a settings backup.

Among other improvements, the search for routing rules is enhanced, the Trading History page data is expanded, and new parameters are added to the LP Performance statistics for a more in-depth analysis.