TIFIN acquires SharingAlpha to enhance Magnifi

“Being able to now offer Magnifi’s investment intelligence and capabilities to non-US investors is definitely an important step in our evolution.”

TIFIN has acquired SharingAlpha, a community of over 15,000 professional fund investors and analysts located throughout the world, but with a high concentration in the UK and Western Europe.

The AI-powered fintech will be leveraging SharingAlpha to launch its investment platform into international markets. SharingAlpha will be fully integrated into TIFIN’s Magnifi platform.

SharingAlpha lets users build their own personal track record in terms of both their fund selection and asset allocation capabilities in order to develop intelligence on funds’ chances of generating alpha in the future from the collective knowledge gathered on the platform.

The integration will provide both retail and professional investors with digital tools to enhance their personal investment experience powered by TIFIN’s AI capabilities and SharingAlpha’s proprietary community intelligence insights.

Vinay Nair, Founder and CEO of TIFIN, said: “Being able to now offer Magnifi’s investment intelligence and capabilities to non-US investors is definitely an important step in our evolution. We are also excited about adding the unique community features developed by SharingAlpha which will enhance our offering to professional investors internationally”.

SharingAlpha was co-founded by two Israeli brothers, Oren and Yuval Kaplan. Chief executive Oren Kaplan will also join Magnifi as a partner and work closely with TIFIN’s recently announced Head of International Jason O’Shaughnessy on the integration of the platforms.

Oren Kaplan, Co-Founder and CEO of SharingAlpha, commented: “I am looking forward to working with Magnifi’s team in expanding its reach internationally and in growing the community of professional investors even further. We will continue to be committed to building innovative and useful digital tools to global investors”.

In May, TIFIN raised $109 million in a Series D financing round, bringing the firm’s valuation to $842 million. The increase in valuation from its series B ($184 million) and series C ($447 million) over the past year reflects the growth in TIFIN’s product offerings, users and revenues.

TIFIN operates an ecosystem of focused divisions that include Magnifi, a search-powered marketplace for investments; Financial Answers, a demand and data generation platform for advice and investments; TIFIN Wealth, a collection of personalization components to advisors, wealth managers and other intermediaries; and Distill, an AI-powered analytics and intelligence platform to drive digital distribution for asset managers and wealth enterprises.