The B2Core Android App is Now Available For Download –

The first version of the B2Core Android app is available for download, and it has many beneficial features for users.

New accounts can be created, wallets managed, and balances checked directly from your Android smartphone or tablet via the app, which is already available on Google Play for free. The app also provides two-factor authentication (2FA) via Google Authentication and SMS authorization codes, thus adding another layer of account security. B2Broker is certain that the new B2Core app release will improve the lives of our customers.


The app’s Sign Up/Sign In feature allows users to create and manage their own accounts. After setting up an account, you will have unrestricted use of the mobile application as well as access to all of its functions. This makes it simple to track your actual performance and gain access to your information from anywhere.

The Wallet

Having access to your crypto wallets and balances while you’re on the go is just one of the impactful features of this app. With the help of this feature, you won’t lose track of your wallets and will always be able to monitor your crypto. In addition, the application will display the actual value of your assets for each currency, making it possible for you to track the development of your portfolio in real-time. Additionally, you will have the ability to complete crypto transactions through the app. Thanks to B2Core’s app, which has been designed to provide the best user experience, you can store, send, and track your assets from any location.

2-Factor Authentication

You can use 2-FA with both Google Authentication and SMS authorization codes to protect your account from unauthorized access. Your account will be more secure if you choose to enable this option. Even if somebody knows your password, they can’t access your account without your phone. By using this security measure, you will keep your account safe from intruders and hackers.

Closing Thoughts 

It gives us great pleasure to announce that B2Core has now become accessible on iOS and Android devices. Thanks to our new mobile app, you can now monitor the status of your wallets from just about any location.

Because the two versions are synchronized, switching between them is simple. If you haven’t yet used the app, now’s the time! In the near future, there will be even more improvements. So, what are you waiting for? Download it now.