Tel Aviv hosts Building Blocks 23, backed by Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross

One of the prominent Web3 meetings, entitled ‘Building Blocks 23’, is set to take place in central Tel Aviv on February 7, featuring a lineup of some of the most influential names in the blockchain space.

The web3 builder-focused event is organized and sponsored by Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross, in conjunction with StarkWare. Hosted by top Israeli companies, leading figures in the Ethereum development communities will come together to present their current work, and provide policy-oriented insights and solutions on blockchain-enabled Web3 governance.

Some of the biggest movers and shakers in the space will be on hand to share their expertise on everything from the lessons, mistakes, and success stories of successful web3 builders to the foundations of web3 entrepreneurship. Specifically, blockchain skeptic and Ethereum expert Udi Wertheimer, SSV Network CEO Alon Muroch and a wide range of representatives from The Graph, Safe, Avalanche, AAVE and Solidus Labs will be live streaming main stage presentations from the eclectic lineup of guests.

“On the global stage, Tel Aviv plays an out-sized role in innovative startups with proven track records. With the emergence of web3, we are excited to co-host Building Blocks 23 and to support the city’s forward-thinking startup culture, bringing together the best collective experiences and insights that the country has to offer,” said Idan Ofrat, Co-founder and CTO at Fireblocks.

In conjunction with this, the agenda will be jam-packed with workshops, panel discussions, and informal events will take place across Tel Aviv throughout ETH TLV.

A big highlight will be hot topics like fundraising, finding product market fit, building a security-first organization, growing a community, and building teams and culture in a distributed setting. To start things off, a series of practical workshops will cover treasury management, developing sustainable tokenomic frameworks, and effective marketing and branding.

“Israel has always been a builders’ hub. Innovation is part of our DNA. Naturally, the narrative has shifted from Israel being a startup nation to a web3 nation. Tel Aviv is an ideal host as it continues to be a tech engine for a top-notch community of developers,” said Itai Elizur, COO of MarketAcross.

Eylon Aviv, Principal at Collider, added: “We’re excited to finally be hosting a global web3 conference in Tel Aviv. Our partners from abroad have been asking us for years when we’ll be bringing an event to the city, and we’re thrilled to be able to make it happen. We can’t wait to bring together experts from around the world to share their knowledge and insights with the vibrant and dynamic blockchain community in Tel Aviv.”