Takeprofit Tech and Advanced Markets Group’s Strategic Alliance

In a transformative collaboration, fintech leader Takeprofit Tech and the established Advanced Markets Group combine forces, indicating enhanced liquidity solutions and a robust trading ecosystem for global market participants.

The financial arena is poised for a transformative shift as Advanced Markets Group, a distinguished institutional liquidity and prime-of-prime brokerage firm, forges a partnership with fintech trailblazer Takeprofit Tech. At the crux of this union is the aspiration to amplify liquidity access for retail forex brokers and global fund managers. The collaboration melds the innovative Takeprofit Hub—a beacon in liquidity aggregation, stream regulation, and risk management—with the sophisticated solutions provided by Advanced Markets Group.

This melding of the Takeprofit Liquidity Hub and Advanced Markets Group’s Liquidity Pool is set to establish an unparalleled trading platform, broadening horizons for traders, brokers, and financial entities. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

Diversified Liquidity Reservoir: Engaging with Takeprofit Liquidity Hub grants retail Forex brokers a gateway to the deep liquidity pools of Advanced Markets Group, encompassing dominant banks, ECNs, and non-bank financial entities.

Bespoke Solutions: The confluence of expertise from Takeprofit Tech and Advanced Markets Group promises customized solutions tailored to the intricate requirements of retail forex brokers, fund managers, and their clientele spanning both institutional and retail sectors.

Risk Management Prowess: Brokers and fund managers are set to capitalize on advanced risk management modules, a harmonious blend of offerings from both entities, reinforcing a fortified trading ambiance.

Diverse Financial Instrument Suite: This merger ensures a comprehensive platter of financial instruments, ranging from forex and commodities to CFDs.

Diana Peip, Sales Director at Takeprofit Tech, said, “We are thrilled to connect our Liquidity Hub with Advanced Markets Group Aggregation Engine. This alliance enhances our solutions, providing traders and brokers with smooth access to a broader liquidity pool, improving trade execution and pricing. It marks a significant milestone in our growth and emphasizes the reliability of our STP solutions.” 

Echoing this sentiment, Anya Aratovskaya, VP of Institutional Sales at Advanced Markets Group, remarked, “Through this partnership, we aim to provide an even wider range of forex brokers and fund managers with access to our top-tier liquidity solutions, empowering them to thrive in the competitive financial markets.”

About Takeprofit Tech:

Operational since 2013, Takeprofit Tech stands at the forefront of fintech software innovation. Their repertoire ranges from streamlined automation tools to intricate trading strategies. These assist forex brokers and liquidity providers in risk mitigation and trader engagement. Their STP solutions boast integration with 60 LPs and five elite exchanges, with the Takeprofit Liquidity Hub, Liquidity Bridge, B-Book Processor, and EasyMAM flagship offerings.

About Advanced Markets Group:

Established in 2006, Advanced Markets Group has carved a niche as a prime-of-prime liquidity vanguard. Serving a global clientele, including brokers, banks, hedge funds, and traders, the firm offers a plethora of trading instruments across spot FX, metals, energy, and CFDs. With a 15-year legacy, regulated by FCA & ASIC, they cater to over 40,000 clients spanning 30 countries. Notable investors include Macquarie Americas Corp Inc. and GFI Group Inc.