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Markets Adjust to Coronavirus Volatility

May 4, 2020

And prior to this March, the circuit breakers had been activated once in October of 1997. Why this is pretty extraordinary is that between March 9th and March 18th–that’s eight business days–we actually hit the circuit breakers four times, just to give you a sense of the perspective there.”

FINRA’s Financial Capability Survey is Released

June 24, 2019

Among the findings in the NSFC, was that forty-one percent of respondents reported spending less than their income. The study also found, “36% spend about equal to their income, and 19% spend more than their income. These percentages have remained consistent across all four NFCS waves.

FINRA’s AML Program Explained

May 13, 2019

He continued by saying that money laundering occurs in three stages: 1) placement stage (in the introduction of illicit into the financial system) 2) layering, a process of transactions to disguise the origin of the funds 3) reintegration, where funds are reintegrated into the legitimate economy.

FINRA Budget is Released

March 25, 2019

FINRA says it could draw on its reserves to make up for a projected revenue shortfall but Critics worry it might send mixed messages about dependence on fines.

FINRA to Upgrade Registration System

March 12, 2019

The transformation aims to increase the utility and efficiency of the registration and disclosure process for firms, investors and regulators, as well as to reduce compliance costs for firms. FINRA’s Board of Governors has approved moving forward with the project, which FINRA expects to complete in 2021

FINRA Board Looks for Diversity

January 11, 2019

FINRA 360 began in early 2017; it is “a multi-year initiative to process and act upon feedback about how FINRA could do better. Cook has solicited feedback at every turn – internally, from FINRA member firms, from investors and investor advocates and other stakeholders.” According to FINRA’s site.