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Veteran Trader Michael Droege Joins Morgan Stanley 

August 30, 2019

FX trading veteran recently revealed to the public that he has joined US-headquartered multinational banking and financial service provider Morgan Stanley as one of its spot fx traders. Droege made this move public via changes made to his LinkedIn profile according to which his tenure with the US-based financial service provider started this month.

International Women’s Day 2019: Trading Industry Celebrates Women

March 8, 2019

Female investors on average achieved an annual gain of 1.94% better than the FTSE. Compound that up over a longer period, and it makes a huge difference. If the FTSE grew by 5% a year, with £100 invested a month we’d expect the men to enjoy a gain of £18,000 over 20 years, while the women would make £28,000.

trueDigital and Credit Suisse Makes Important Senior Level Management Appointments

February 20, 2019

Fintech provider trueDigital, the subsidiary of swap execution facility operator TrueEX has announced the appointment of Thomas Kim as its newest Chief Executive Officer and will also join the company’s Board, and Credit Suisse has managed to make a significant appointment as it has secured Morgan Stanley’s equities derivatives executive Matteo Mazzeto.