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Two Individuals Convicted of Fraud In the Trading of Futures Contracts and Furnishing False Statements to SGX-DT

October 11, 2019

Mr Jimmy Ng Kian Bin (Mr Jimmy Ng) and Mr Erik Ng Song Hann (Mr Erik Ng) were today convicted and sentenced to 16 weeks’ and 4 weeks’ imprisonment respectively for fraud and dishonest conduct in relation to the trading of futures contracts. Their convictions were a result of a joint investigation conducted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force. The case was referred to MAS by Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited (SGX-DT).

Record Number of Spoofing Cases Examined

November 18, 2018

Big fraud allegations often mean big settlements will follow. But the settlements the Commodity Futures Trading Commission reached with former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine in early January and Igor Oystacher and his Chicago firm, 3Red Trading LLC, in December were surprisingly puny.