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Equities Positive On Easting Trade War Woes & Policy Easing Measures

September 15, 2019

Global equity market is seeing positive price action today across both Asian and European market hours. The positive price action is influenced by easing trade war woes and headlines which are hinting at scenario were there is some level of progress in trade talks between China and USA. Further, stimulus measures related decision announced by ECB is also providing positive influence to market bulls influencing positive price action in the global market.

Bryan D’Souza Joins R3 as Partner Manager

August 23, 2019

R3, a popular blockchain technology service is still going steady on its hiring spree and the latest addition to the firm comes from Societe Generale. However, the move was first made public via changes made in this executive’s LinkedIn account according to which he starts at the firm starting this month. The newly joined executive – Bryan D’Souza has been serving at Societe Generale for seven years prior to his resignation and decision to join R3.

US Greenback on Back foot Over Updates on Impeachment Proceedings

December 11, 2018

While equity markets picked up positive price action in late Asian and early European market hours as safe haven demand over Brexit uncertainty eased weakening broad based demand for US Dollar, Greenback suffered additional bearish pressure on news which mentioned that US President Trump could be impeached as he directed Cohen to break the law during the 2016 presidential campaign.