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AUDUSD at Monthly High, Gold Under Pressure

October 19, 2019

Asian Indices ended mixed today as investors turn cautious amid confusing headlines around the Brexit deal. Meanwhile, doubts emerged about the US and China partial trade deal. China wants to proceed with further discussions before signing the phase one trade deal.

Nikkei Rebound, AUDUSD Higher Ahead of NFP data

October 4, 2019

Nikkei 225 benchmark in Tokyo ended 0.32% higher at 21,410, recovering from losses yesterday as investors turn their attention to the latest US non-farm payrolls report. Traders increased their bets hoping the Fed will slash interest rates at its next meeting on October to protect the economy from slowing growth abroad and the effects of the trade war. The Hang Seng index is trading 1.11% lower at 25,821. The ASX 200 in Australia is trading 0.37% higher at 6,517.

BTC Breaks Below 10,000, AUDUSD Retreats

September 19, 2019

Asian indices finished mixed today after the Bank of Japan kept interest rates unchanged while Fed delivered 25 bps cut as widely expected by markets. The oil price stabilized after the drone attack in Saudi Arabia oil facilities which will cut 5% of the world oil supply. The Hang Seng trading 1.21 per cent lower at 26,424,  the Shanghai Composite trading 0.05 per cent lower to 2,984, while in Singapore the FTSE Straits Times index finished 0,01 per cent lower at 3,166. The ASX 200 in Australia finished 0.70% higher at 6,728.

AUDUSD Continues Higher, EURUSD Breaks Above 1.11

September 13, 2019

Asian indices finished higher today on signs of progress in US-China trade talks and a stimulus delivered from ECB helped eased global growth concerns. The Hang Seng trading 0.46 per cent higher at 27,221, the Nikkei225 in Japan is 0.99% higher at 21,976. The Shanghai Composite trading 0.75 per cent higher to 3,031, while in Singapore the FTSE Straits Times index finished 0,39 per cent higher at 3,207. The ASX 200 in Australia trading 0.18% higher at 6,667.

AUDUSD Breaks Above 0.68, Global Equities Higher

September 5, 2019

Asian indices finished higher today after China and USA confirmed that they would restart the trade talks. The Hang Seng trading0.30 per cent higher at 26,601, Nikkei225 in Japan ended 2.35% higher at 21,132. The Shanghai Composite trading 1.56 per cent higher to 3,003, while in Singapore the FTSE Straits Times index finished 0,56 per cent higher at 3,148. The ASX 200 in Australia trading 0.96% higher to 6,615.

Asian Indices Rebound, AUDUSD Under Pressure

August 28, 2019

Asian indices finished higher today as trade tensions between the China and USA ease. President Trump on Friday announced the increase of tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods to 30% from 25% starting Oct. 1, and above that, he will hike tariffs on another $300 billion in Chinese imports to 15% from 10%.

European Equities Start Higher, AUDUSD Rebounds

August 6, 2019

Asian stocks continue lower today as trade war tensions escalate after President Trump announced that the US would impose a 10.0% tariff on the remaining $300.0bn-worth of Chinese products. The Nikkei225 is down 0.68 percent lower at 20,578, the Hang Seng trading 1.01 percent lower at 25,884. The Shanghai Composite ended 1.28 percent lower to 2,784, while in Singapore the FTSE Straits Times index finished 0,77 percent lower to 3,169. Australian equities trade lower for the fifth trading session, and the ASX 200 is trading 2.21% lower to 6,493.