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Its Draghi Day, Today

December 13, 2018

Asian stocks record a positive day as trade tensions may continue to ease further, boosting the outlook for global economic growth.

Asian Traders in Risk On Mood

December 12, 2018

Asian investors hit the buy button today amid positive news and short covering.Traders in Risk on Mood.

Asian Markets Tumbles over 2%

December 6, 2018

Asian stock indices took a hit on the chin led by technologies stocks after Canadian authorities arrested the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies for allegedly violating Iran sanctions. No major gains due to concerns for European Union. Gold bullish momentum sturdy.

Major Equities on Bearish Rout over Worries of Global Economic Slowdown

December 5, 2018

Equity markets across globe are on bearish price action today influenced by overnight cues from Wall Street as investor worries about T.Yield curve inversion sparked doubts of US economic slowdown and triggered fund flow towards safe haven assets. This combined with loss of positive momentum from weekend headlines and major market impacting news resulted in bearish sentiment prevalent across major equity markets influencing downward price action.

European Markets Slide After Wall Street Sell-Off

December 5, 2018

Asian stocks dropped on Wednesday after Mr. Trump posted a series of messages on Twitter warning that a fragile cease-fire in the trade war between the United States and China could be derailed