Swissquote adds stocks listed on Dubai Financial Market

Swissquote has connected to the Dubai Financial Market to allow its clients’ access to DFM listed securities as the leading Swiss bank and online brokerage continues to expand its product offering. 

The extensive range of asset classes includes stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, with Swissquote’s AUC standing at over US$ 50 billion.

Swissquote proudly boasts a Tier 1 ratio of over 25 percent, making it one of the best-capitalized banks in Europe.

DMA access to the DFM is of strategic importance for Swissquote’s local and international client base

The DFM agreed to provide access to securities listed in Dubai as part of its constant efforts to boost market accessibility for greater numbers of international investors.

The connectivity to the DFM is being executed through the Direct Market Access (DMA) Route of GTNME-BHM Capital, noting that the DMA enables DFM-licensed brokerage companies to mandate a global broker to use its DMA access point to directly trade on the market.

Hamed Ali, CEO of DFM and Nasdaq Dubai, said: “We are pleased to have Swissquote Bank connecting to DFM’s ecosystem as part of our efforts to strengthen our leadership in capital markets’ digital transformation. We are actively implementing a wide-ranging plan to take market accessibility to new pinnacles by increasing the number of technology-driven members capable to provide investors with multiple value-added services and to attract new investors to join our growing investor base.”

Jacques Barakat, CEO of Swissquote Middle East, commented: “Given our local and international client base, providing direct access to the growing investment opportunities that the Dubai Financial Market offers is of strategic importance for our group and demonstrates our ambition to expand further our presence in the UAE.”

Samer Abuzahra, CEO of GTN Middle East Financial Services (DIFC), said: “As a DIFC headquartered investment firm, we remain committed to our longstanding partnership with DFM facilitating trading and investment flows into our region. We are delighted with Swissquote onboarding to the DFM’s ecosystem, which further expands GTNME’s institutional relationships.”

Abdel Hadi Al Sa’di, Chief Executive Officer of BHM Capital, added: “Our thanks go to Dubai Financial Market for recognising BHM Capital as a trusted financial partner, and an integral part of the UAE’s capital market infrastructure. This collaboration underlines our commitment to identify synergies and potential opportunities, which strengthens Dubai’s position as a capital markets hub, in line with the leadership’s vision and the strategic plan to develop financial markets in Dubai”.

Swissquote launched crypto exchange SQX

Earlier this month, Swissquote announced the launch of its own crypto exchange: SQX, a centralised trading platform for cryptocurrencies meant to significantly enhance customer experience in the areas of trading, execution and liquidity.

The FINMA-regulated online trading firm is specialized in both FX and crypto, and while both currency and crypto markets are organised in a decentralised fashion, currency markets function on the back of long-standing bilateral relationships. The crypto markets, in contrast, have evolved into a network of exchanges.

That’s why Swissquote argues that the ideal solution to source the best liquidity conditions from the cryptocurrency markets is SQX’s new central order book, which sources and aggregates liquidity from different liquidity hubs, resulting in more competitive bid and ask prices than before – and all within a secure trading environment, available 24/7.

Swissquote’s core competencies include global stock market trading, trading and custody of crypto assets, Forex trading and a Robo-Advisor solution.