STT hires Michael Baradas as OMS Product Manager

STT’s OMS is designed to support market-leading connectivity, pre-trade risk controls, compliance checks, and reporting.

Sterling Trading Tech (STT) has announced the appointment of industry veteran Michael Baradas as OMS Product Manager in a strategic move aimed at advancing and expanding its OMS capabilities.

STT has gained recognition for its proprietary order management system, risk and margin system, and trading platforms that cater to capital markets worldwide.

Michael Baradas joins STT after Bakkt, StoneX, Fiserv, and Bloomberg

Following the successful extension of its OMS offering to support complex Options trading, the company is now looking beyond North America, with a strong international focus on banks and brokerages engaged in trading U.S. markets.

Michael Baradas brings a wealth of experience to STT and will lead the continued development of the OMS offering to meet market demands for more sophisticated functionality, both domestically and abroad.

Having held senior Product Manager positions at prominent financial institutions such as Bakkt, StoneX, Fiserv, and Bloomberg, Michael Baradas joins STT as OMS Product Manager – a move that is expected to further expand the firm’s stance within the financial industry.

Order queuing, pre-trade margin, rules engine, routing wheel, Blue Ocean, fractional trading

Sterling’s OMS is renowned for its high-throughput and high-capacity design, capable of seamlessly incorporating new functionality. It is designed to support market-leading connectivity, pre-trade risk controls, compliance checks, and reporting. Some of the notable advanced system functionalities include:

  • Order Queuing: Efficiently manage and prioritize incoming orders.
  • Pre-trade Margin Calculations: Utilizing the 2013 universal spread rule, including RegT and Portfolio Margin calculations.
  • Rules Engine / Review and Release: Streamlining order processing and compliance.
  • Routing Wheel: Enhancing routing capabilities.
  • Blue Ocean & Notional/Fractional Support: Expanding trading options.
  • Order Preview: Providing a comprehensive view of orders before execution.

Jen Nayar, President & CEO of Sterling Trading Tech, said: “With each of our products, we account for the challenges clients face daily so they can focus on the key drivers of their business’s performance and profitability. Mike will lead these efforts for our OMS, benefiting both our current and future clients.”