SquaredFinancial adds six seasoned executives to leadership team

Craig Jenkins, Thomas Selby, Dominique El Khoury, Drosoula Hadjisavva, Spyros Andreou, and Catharine Ioannou will complement the current leadership team.

SquaredFinancial Group, a prominent figure in the FinTech industry, announced a significant enhancement to its leadership team with the addition of six seasoned executives.

The move, led by Founder and CEO Philippe Ghanem, a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, underscores the company’s commitment to growth and innovation.

SquaredFinancial to leverage leadership team as it embarks new phase of expansion

Philippe Ghanem’s vision of people as the cornerstone of success is materializing as SquaredFinancial embarks on a new phase of expansion. The new additions to the leadership team are set to bolster the company’s existing strengths and lay the foundation for revolutionary growth.

Craig Jenkins, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer: With over 16 years of experience in Legal, AML, and Compliance, Jenkins is tasked with overseeing the consolidation and health of the company’s compliance system.

Thomas Selby, Chief Sales Officer: Selby brings 15 years of expertise in sales and business development in FinTech and online trading, poised to lead the business development strategy for revenue growth.

Dominique El Khoury, Global Head of Sales and Business Development – GCC & MEA: El Khoury, with 12 years in the trading industry, will drive sales initiatives and business growth within the GCC and MEA regions.

Drosoula Hadjisavva, Chief Marketing Officer: With a 13-year track record in global marketing operations across leading fintech, Hadjisavva will redefine the marketing strategy and brand positioning.

Spyros Andreou, Chief Technology Officer: Andreou’s background in IT and network engineering will optimize organizational and operational performance and security.

Catharine Ioannou, Chief Human Resources Officer: Ioannou’s expertise in human resources and talent acquisition will focus on creating an inclusive workforce and fostering a culture of merit and excellence.

“People are catalyzers of growth and drivers of innovation”

Ghanem recognized the executives’ potential to add strategic value and experience to the company. He underscored his responsibility towards stakeholders – employees, clients, and shareholders – as SquaredFinancial enters a new chapter in its 15-year legacy.

“People are catalyzers of growth and drivers of innovation. I’m happy to welcome these new forward-thinking minds, as their arrival marks a significant milestone for SquaredFinancial. Each of them has proven expertise and will bring, in strong collaboration with the current team of talents, strategic value, and experience to the company, further shaping its future. But most of all, I feel deep responsibility towards all our stakeholders – our employees, our clients, and our shareholders – as we write this new chapter of our company’s 15-year legacy.

“The rapid growth that our company has witnessed over the past couple of years has forged new challenges but also great opportunities, and we are well-positioned to seize them, today more than ever. The industry is witnessing transformative change, and we are more than ever committed to supporting our customers with passion, professionalism, and dedication to address their needs with the utmost standards they deserve.”

The new executives will complement the current leadership team, which includes Philippe Ghanem (Founder and CEO), Manie Van Rooyen (Partner and COO), Ali Rupani (Partner and Global Head of Front Office), Stathis Flangofas (Group CFO), Philios Petrides (Chief Data & Product Officer), Noureldeen Hammoury (Chief Market Analyst), Chrysovalantis Karageorgiou (Global Head of Operations), and Constantinos Ghalanos (Head of Dealing).