Spotware introduces new package for white label providers

Spotware Systems, a technology provider for the electronic trading industry, has launched a new package specifically designed for white label providers and resellers.

To help them offer cTrader alongside their products, the company now allows WL providers, resellers and technology providers to integrate cTrader easily with their existing technology stack and provide comprehensive solutions to brokers.

Some features of the new package include zero licence cost, a shared minimum volume fee between white Labels and the ability to offer branded desktop, web and mobile applications. On top of that, there are no operational expenses due to the fact that all WLs are hosted on Spotware’s own infrastructure.

The new product comes shortly after Spotware released its new Manager’s API for Brokers, providing powerful tools for server-server integration. The new product helps Spotware’s clients operate their brokerage business efficiently and offer value-added solutions to their traders and partners.

Manager’s API allows brokers to receive historical values about all entities, send managing requests to manipulate with all entities of the server. Specifically, a broker’s admin is able to create/update/delete accounts, groups, profiles, charts; make deposits/withdrawals, and even trade on behalf of traders. Authorization is done using the same credentials as for login to cBroker.

Based on Google Protocol Buffers V2 (proto2), Manager’s API capabilities also enable easier building of applications (even trading terminal), compared to the usage of the Open API. Brokers can now also replace Webservices API with the manager’s API and implement more logics inside their CRM. Manipulation with manager’s API is based on the manager’s permissions that are used to introduce miscellaneous amendments to cBroker.

These new features securely fall in line with Spotware’s goal of keeping cTrader as one of most trader friendly platforms on the market. The company says that adding such preferences allows their brokers to decide exactly how they want the platform to work for them.

Spotware has recently launched an updated web version of its flagship cTrader Desktop, which adds new functionality to join a roster of advanced trading capabilities.

In this version of cTrader Desktop 4.3, the company has brought further improvements to the performance optimization which builds on the recently overhauled user interface that was applied in the beta version. Among other functions, cTrader added a variety of technical analysis tools, including superior-analysis-intended charts, among which the HLC chart type, Area chart type, and the synchronized crosshair feature, useful for multi-frame trading.