Spectrum Markets reports higher trading volume for Q4 2022

Pan-European trading venue Spectrum Markets today reported that its Q4 trading volume grew by 41% year-on-year.

In aggerate, some 365 million securitised derivatives traded on the exchange from October to December. This compares to 258 million during the same period a year earlier.

Spectrum has seen a significant increase in trading volumes since its launch, with securitised derivatives traded accelerating from around 432 million in the first year of operation to over 848 million in 2021.

Spectrum also reported a total turnover of €842 million for the fourth quarter, an increase of 77% relative to Q4 2021’s metrics.

“I’m particularly pleased with the partnerships we announced last quarter and looking forward to seeing more developments, strengthening our growth ambitions for our venue in the year ahead. In 2023 we will further expand our range of products and partners, and continue to develop our ‘plug and play’ trading infrastructure around Europe, offering retail investors a new trading experience on Spectrum,” said Spectrum Markets CEO Nicky Maan.

Spectrum has recently inked two important partnerships with Societe Generale and Spanish derivatives broker iBroker. The company onboarded the French banking giant as its newest liquidity provider and market maker of newly issued financial instruments.

As an issuer of listed securitised derivatives, Societe Generale will enable its extensive network of financial institutions and brokers to offer their retail clients the opportunity to trade a series of daily constant leverage products and vanilla warrant products on Spectrum.

The alliance will increase the available range of instruments for retail investors in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Spain via their brokers or banks. Specifically, SocGen will initially issue and request admission for a range of new products on Spectrum Markets, bringing a significant new source of trading volume to the venue. It also opens the door to issuers on Spectrum requiring quick access to potential market making services.

Spectrum said these partnerships represent a significant milestone for its growth strategy and a new source of trading volume to the venue. The new opportunities are particularly appealing in the context of Spectrum’s single pan-European ISIN, through which investors get access to a deeper liquidity pool.