Space and Time Unveils Sub-Second ZK Prover under Open Software License

Proof of SQL Outperforms State-of-the-Art zkVMs and Coprocessors

space and time

Space and Time (SxT), the leading Verifiable Compute Layer for AI x Blockchain, proudly announces the release of Proof of SQL, a cutting-edge zero-knowledge (ZK) prover for data processing, available now on GitHub.

Revolutionizing SQL Database Query Verification

Proof of SQL, developed by SxT, offers a groundbreaking ZK proof that ensures SQL database queries are computed correctly against untampered data. This innovative tool enables developers to perform computations on both onchain and offchain datasets in a trustless manner, delivering verified results back to smart contracts just-in-time during transactions. This capability enhances DeFi protocols with data-driven smart contracts.

Leadership in Data-Driven Smart Contracts

“Space and Time is thrilled to lead Web3 into a new era of data-driven smart contracts and the next generation of DeFi,” said Jay White, PhD, Co-Founder and Head of Research at SxT, and the inventor of the Proof of SQL protocol. “Our team pioneered sub-second ZK proofs, allowing smart contracts and AI agents to query both chain activity and offchain data, receiving trustless SQL query results onchain during transactions without the typical 30-minute proof times.”

Public Release on GitHub

Initially released in alpha to a select group of SxT customers in August, Proof of SQL is now available to the public. Community members can execute trustless queries on SxT through the Space and Time Studio, and developers can access the repository directly from GitHub.

Performance Benchmarks

Proof of SQL is the first sub-second ZK prover. SxT’s cryptography team has benchmarked the protocol, showing it can execute analytic queries over 100k-row tables in less than a second on a single GPU. It can also aggregate data over millions of rows within Ethereum block time on a single NVIDIA T4.

Superior Architecture for Data Processing

Compared to generalized zkVMs and coprocessors, Proof of SQL offers a significantly more efficient architecture for handling large data volumes. While generalized zkVMs support arbitrary computations, their data processing is slow to prove. Proof of SQL can integrate with these zkVMs, providing verifiable source data for arbitrary code execution.

Community Collaboration Invited

Space and Time encourages community contributions and invites collaboration from other ZKP engineering teams. The prover can be integrated into any SQL database (such as Google BigQuery), centralized or decentralized, and is already securing prominent Web3 apps, financial institutions, and enterprises.

About Space and Time

Space and Time is the verifiable compute layer for AI x blockchain, merging tamperproof onchain and offchain data to empower enterprise use cases in smart contracts and LLMs. With its novel cryptography, Proof of SQL, Space and Time connects analytics directly to smart contracts, unlocking powerful new applications and business logic on blockchain technology. The platform is designed for developers across financial services, gaming, DeFi, and any project needing verifiable data across enterprise, blockchain, and AI.