Space and Time introduces revolutionary zero-knowledge proof

Decentralized data leader Space and Time, which allows blockchain developers to run decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and verifiable AI models, has introduced a groundbreaking solution called Proof of SQL: a revolutionary zero-knowledge proof for queries.

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows more pervasive across various industries, Space and Time, which acts as a distributed hybrid (HTAP) data warehouse, seeks to guarantee that AI models are educated with trustworthy information.

The launch of Proof of SQL enables Space and Time customers to build data-driven decentralized applications (dapps) and business processes with verified data and computations using proven on-chain and off-chain data. The solution is indexing, decrypting, and offering free access to data from major blockchains.

The novel zk-proof is designed to generate a cryptographic proof of query execution within Space and Time’s decentralized data network. This proof ensures the accuracy of the query results, assuring users that the data has not been manipulated. The introduction of this technology opens up a plethora of new possibilities for provable, transparent, and verifiable on-chain and off-chain data applications.

“The convergence of tamperproof data, advanced computing capabilities, and data-driven decision-making has the potential to unlock new levels of innovation, efficiency and user satisfaction across financial services, retail, healthcare, gaming and any vertical integrating blockchain technology. We believe that data will enhance the interoperability between the on-chain and off-chain ecosystems, fostering greater collaboration between decentralized and traditional systems,” said Jay White, Co-Founder and Head of Research at Space and Time.

Proof of SQL provides enterprises with the means to ensure the integrity of their business data, guaranteeing that it remains unaltered. This level of transparency is particularly crucial in industries where monetary value is directly linked to data, such as the financial services sector.

Additionally, Proof of SQL establishes a framework for verifying the authenticity of large language models (LLMs), ensuring that they were trained on accurate and tamperproof data. As artificial intelligence continues to play a more significant role in business operations, transparency becomes essential in applying AI responsibly.

By cryptographically verifying that data remains unaltered, Proof of SQL empowers applications to execute queries within the Space and Time data warehouse and deliver the results to a smart contract without compromising the zero-trust model of blockchain. This technological advancement will enable a new generation of data-driven dapps built on sophisticated business logic, including a credit-scoring protocol that utilizes tamperproof data to generate on-chain credit scores.

“We’re excited to be one of the first protocols using Proof of SQL as a gas-efficient way to verify tamperproof credit scores on-chain,” added Joshua Gottlieb, Founder of Lendvest, a protocol that calculates an on-chain credit score based on a user’s on-chain and off-chain financial activity. “Lendvest leverages Proof of SQL to prove that each credit score is verifiable, was calculated correctly, and is tied to the right wallet address.”