SEBA Hong Kong secures SFC License for Securities and Crypto services

SEBA Bank’s subsidiary, SEBA Hong Kong, has been licensed by the SFC, marking its regulated APAC presence for traditional and crypto financial services.

SEBA Bank, a Swiss entity offering a gamut of digital financial services, has its subsidiary SEBA Hong Kong licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). This move aligns with its strategic vision to establish a regulated APAC foothold.

SEBA Hong Kong is now authorized to engage in a variety of regulated activities, encompassing dealing and advising on securities and virtual assets, as well as asset management for discretionary accounts. This opens doors for institutional and professional investors to leverage its services.

SEBA Bank now boasts licenses from HK’s SFC, Switzerland’s FINMA, Abu Dhabi’s FSRA

Amy Yu, CEO APAC at SEBA Hong Kong, praises the SFC’s cooperative approach during the licensing process. With Hong Kong’s prominence in finance and innovation, SEBA anticipates considerable business potential within this established regulatory environment.

“Our experience with the SFC has been extremely positive and it provided a facilitating environment throughout the licensing process. The region’s position at the forefront of finance, trading, and innovation has long been attractive to us, as servicing APAC clientele is an integral aspiration of the team’s DNA. We are tremendously excited by Hong Kong’s deep-rooted capital markets and appetite for investment and trading; to have secured this license from the SFC provides enormous potential for our business, owing to the well-established and defined regulatory framework that is present here,” said Amy Yu.

Franz Bergmueller, Group CEO of SEBA Bank, emphasizes Hong Kong’s pivotal role in the crypto economy and the significance of adding the SFC licence to SEBA’s regulatory portfolio, enhancing its global financial services stature.

“Hong Kong has been at the center of the crypto economy since Bitcoin’s inception, and we are very pleased to have added this Hong Kong license with the full approval from the SFC to our existing licenses in Switzerland (FINMA) and Abu Dhabi (FSRA). This regulatory clarity not only benefits our business but also supplements Hong Kong’s status as a global financial services hub, home to a multitude of market leaders in banking, asset management, and capital markets. The region’s robust legal system provides a solid foundation to conduct crypto-related services and we look forward to beginning that from today,” said Franz Bergmueller.