Revealing Insights of a Prominent Trading Platform

Plus500 provides a user-friendly trading platform with a wide range of assets for clients in Asia and Europe, but faces criticisms like withdrawal issues and limited trading techniques, making alternative options like RoboForex, Pocket Option, and Tickmill worth considering.

Plus500 is a London-based company regulated by the FCA, offering a thriving trading platform with over 2000 assets for CFD trading in Europe and Asia. With its solid regulatory oversight and extensive range of support, Plus500 is a popular choice for traders seeking a reliable and diverse trading experience in the European and Asian markets. 

Traders Union undertook a thorough Plus 500 review, emphasizing enhancements in services and trading conditions that cater to both beginner and seasoned traders. In contrast to conventional studies, this analysis less emphasizes educational resources and instead highlights advancements in the platform’s offerings.

TU expert review of Plus500

Traders Union partners with Plus500, a reputable collaborator that caters to a wide range of clients, from beginners to seasoned Forex traders. Renowned for its expansive selection of financial assets and dynamic trading features, Plus500 adopts a conservative approach by discouraging practices like automated systems, scalping, and hedging. However, criticisms have arisen, primarily regarding withdrawal problems and slow customer service. While the platform boasts a user-friendly interface, Traders Union suggests that Plus500 should provide more comprehensive information on trading conditions and additional benefits. Equipping traders with detailed insights is crucial for making informed decisions. Enhancing transparency and addressing customer concerns, Plus500 can further solidify its position as a trusted and sought-after platform in the trading industry.

Plus500: pros and cons

Traders Union conducts a comprehensive analysis of Plus500, examining the pros and cons of utilizing this online trading platform. This unbiased review offers potential users an impartial perspective on the platform’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • Extensive range of tradable assets.
  • Multilingual site interface with 31 language options.
  • Convenient mobile trading capability.


  • Lack of detailed information on trading conditions on the site.
  • Occasional trading platform freezes.
  • Issues encountered with fund withdrawals.
  • There is no service for traders in Ukraine, the USA, or other nations.
  • Prohibition of scalping, order hedging, and automated trading.

More about Plus 500 

Traders Union highlights Plus500’s commitment to serving traders in Asia and Europe since 2008, focusing on innovation, comprehensive benefits, and consistent client expansion. As a leading CFD provider, Plus500 combines cutting-edge technology with a cautious trading approach. Noteworthy achievements include a solid twelve-year presence in the financial market, over 1 million active accounts, and a vast selection of 2,000 tradable assets. Geared towards active traders, Plus500 promotes independent trading without bots or programs. The platform offers real-time price fluctuations for holdings on its website and natural and demo accounts. Trading is accessible via the web, mobile app, or Windows 10 Trader platform. Plus500 provides essential services such as an economic calendar, risk management tools, timely price updates, and market ratio notifications through various channels.

Best alternatives to Plus 500

Traders Union suggests credible alternatives to Plus500:

  • RoboForex: Catering to beginners and seasoned traders, it stands out with its range of trading platforms, diverse instruments, competitive spreads, fast execution, and varied account options.
  • Pocket Option: Known for its user-friendly platform and efficient mobile app, it provides access to a wide range of markets, educational resources, and responsive customer support. This makes it ideal for traders prioritizing convenience and flexibility.
  • Tickmill: Attractive for traders seeking cost-effectiveness and performance. It boasts tight spreads, low commissions, and quick trade execution, along with excellent customer service and a comprehensive set of trading tools.


Plus500 offers a robust platform for novice and experienced traders, focusing on technological advancements. However, it is advisable to consider alternative options such as RoboForex, Pocket Option, and Tickmill, as each brings distinctive features. Traders should carefully assess their requirements, read reviews, and find detailed information on the Traders Union website to make informed decisions.