QuickNode and LG CNS Usher in New Blockchain Innovation for APAC

QuickNode and LG CNS’s strategic partnership marks a significant leap in blockchain infrastructure, promising a transformative impact on the APAC region’s digital and technological landscape.

QuickNode, a premier web3 development platform, is excited to unveil a strategic alliance with LG CNS, South Korea’s Digital Transformation powerhouse. This collaboration heralds a new chapter in blockchain infrastructure development, focusing on invigorating South Korea’s bustling tech landscape. An infusion of strategic investment has propelled QuickNode’s total funding past the $100 million mark.

This union signifies more than a mere partnership; it represents a confluence of visions toward a blockchain-driven future. QuickNode offers top-tier blockchain infrastructure solutions, while LG CNS excels in digital transformation, specializing in client-centric DX, cloud services, AI, big data, and web3. This synergy is poised to catalyze pioneering digital advancements in the APAC region.

Min Bae, VP of Security Solutions at LG CNS, asserts that this partnership will establish a robust blockchain foundation across APAC, starting with South Korea, enabling LG CNS to deliver advanced blockchain solutions to its clientele.

Alexander Nabutovsky, QuickNode’s Co-founder and co-CEO, states, “This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s the merging of technological visions. With our expertise, we’re set to redefine blockchain accessibility and utility in South Korea and beyond. By partnering with LG CNS, we’re setting a course for a future where blockchain technology is integrated into every digital facet, especially in the dynamic APAC market.”

The partnership also reflects a commitment to nurturing an inclusive and empowered blockchain community in APAC, shaping the future of digital interactions, finance, and data integrity.

This announcement follows QuickNode’s substantial Series B Raise earlier in the year and the company’s impressive growth, adding over 100,000 users in 2023 and enhancing its global team. QuickNode offers elastic APIs, analytics, and resources across 24 blockchains, supported by comprehensive services and top-tier security. Their focus on simplifying blockchain infrastructure underscores a commitment to innovation.

LG CNS’s Web3 group has executed over 50 successful blockchain projects in Korea with Monachain, its proprietary platform that ensures cross-blockchain interoperability.

QuickNode’s partnership with LG CNS expands its global footprint, ensuring APAC businesses can effortlessly leverage blockchain technology. The partnership promises rapid blockchain solution deployment and access to QuickNode’s suite of development tools, with strategic plans to be unveiled in the months ahead, signaling an exciting future for blockchain in APAC.