Polygon Labs taps Unstoppable Domains to support Webs apps

Polygon Labs and Unstoppable Domains, a company building blockchain domain names, jointly revealed their collaboration to support developers building Web3 applications.

Highlights of the bundled offering includes the introduction of .polygon domains, which enables users to create a digital identity that they fully own and a portable identity across more than 750 dApps, games and metaverses.

The joint statement highlights this partnership will also entail supporting the broader Polygon ecosystem, making it easier for users to log into Web3 applications, send crypto and NFTs, and create decentralized websites.

Unstoppable domains are minted on the blockchain with zero gas fees and stored in a crypto wallet. Once you buy and claim an Unstoppable domain, it’s yours forever, with no renewal fees.

Following the sale, Unstoppable will launch exclusive access to premium .polygon gaming and digit domains. That means a chance to own gamer.polygon or snag the highly-coveted 2- or 3-digit domain, like or 00.polygon.

“Web3 domains will give our community a digital identity that they fully own, so they can log into dApps without giving away their personal information and transact crypto without lengthy wallet addresses. We’re thrilled to make user-owned digital identity a core part of the Polygon ecosystem,” said Sanket Shah, Vice President Head of Growth Business Development at Polygon Labs.

“We’re excited to deepen our partnership with Polygon Labs with .polygon Web3 domains and bring our communities even closer together. User-owned digital identity is the future of the Internet, and with the Polygon ecosystem, we’re putting the power of user-owned digital identities into more people’s hands,” added Sandy Carter, COO and head of business development at Unstoppable Domains.

Unlike with traditional domain registration, Unstoppable Domains are tied to a specific wallet but not controlled by any centralized outfit like governments or registrars of DNS domains. The .crypto blockchain domain registry enables censorship-resistant websites and simplifies cryptocurrency Payments.

Blockchain domains use smart contracts that are built on top of the Ethereum network and stored inside a user’s wallet. Specifically, the .crypto domain is based on so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which help assign the domains and look up the addresses. This mechanism eases up on crypto payments and ensures that these websites are resistant to censorship. For example, to send cryptocurrency, all you need to know is the recipient’s blockchain domain.

Furthermore, Unstoppable Domains offers a Google Chrome extension and an integration with Opera browser, which claims to have counted over 200,000 domains to date.