Phillip Securities launches mobile app with access to TradingView and Equity Specialist

Phillip Securities has drawn from years of experience and understanding of the Singapore retail investing market.

Phillip Securities has launched its new POEMS Mobile 3 application, featuring a revamped user interface and streamlined navigation layout and design to cater to the needs of the modern-day investor.

The brokerage firm stated the Covid-19 pandemic and rapid technological advancements have provided the backdrop for the evolution of the retail investment landscape.

POEMS Mobile 3 has been designed to cater to the demands of today’s investors: customisable, intuitive, educational, and empowering.

Account openings with retail customers triple

Retail investing has skyrocketed in Singapore, with account openings with Phillip Securities tripling in 2020 compared to pre-pandemic levels.

New investors prefer swift, secure, and powerful mobile trading platforms in order to stay on the go, but existing investors have also evolved in their trading habits. The revamped design and layout cater to those needs.

Luke Lim, Managing Director, Phillip Securities said: “Phillip Securities, has drawn from years of experience and understanding of the Singapore retail investing market, to consistently improve and update the POEMS platform to meet the evolving needs of investors. With an increased desire for both accessibility and information shifting the motivations and behaviours of investors today, POEMS Mobile 3 has been designed to empower our customers with an improved user interface, and tools to enable faster decision making and hence, trading.”

“In our vision to make Phillip Securities and all members of PhillipCapital Group a Fintech organisation, we hope to continue working to make the online investing journey as seamless as possible for our customers, by educating new and existing investors on the rapidly changing financial market and empowering informed decision-making, through the additional support and guidance of trained advisors on our platform.”

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Access to TradingView, an equity specialist, and user friendly app

POEMS Mobile 3 now offers access to TradingView in order to help users perform comprehensive technical analysis with no platform fee.

The TradingView charting tool also allows customers access to more than 100 drawing tools and indicators to perform comprehensive technical analysis with an unparalleled charting experience.

Phillip Securities also features an Equity Specialist assigned to every account, to assist users in navigating their trading and investments, and to make informed decisions every step of the way.

POEMS Mobile 3’s provides easier access to the selected stocks, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), Contract for Differences (CFD), bonds, and Unit Trusts, as well as trading, orders, positions, and account history.

The POEMS platform is connected to 26 global exchanges and asset types unique to POEMS platform.