Nexo Launches User-Friendly Futures Trading for Crypto Enthusiasts

Nexo’s new Futures trading feature on the Nexo Exchange simplifies derivatives for newcomers, offering intuitive interfaces and educational resources to seamlessly integrate futures with existing financial services.

Specially tailored for those new to derivatives in the crypto world, this feature is designed to simplify and explain Futures, offering an approachable and instructive experience for users previously focused on the spot markets.

Nexo’s latest update includes a user-friendly interface and informative content, supporting easy understanding and use. This move is part of our commitment to expanding knowledge and inclusivity in the digital currency realm.

Besides offering up to 50x leverage, other details of the Futures trading offering include all perpetual contracts, settlement in USDT, and managed through a specialized Futures Wallet, distinct from other Nexo wallets. This integration smoothly combines futures trading with Nexo’s existing financial services, allowing easy trading, earning, and borrowing.

Key Features of Nexo’s Futures Trading:

  • Go Long or Short: Perpetual contracts give users the chance to bet on the rise or fall of an asset. One can trade upwards or downwards trends of over 70 assets using USDT.
  • Leverage of up to 20x: Enhance trading power with USDT collateral and boost potential gains with up to 20x leverage, even on small price shifts.
  • Competitive Fees: Costs are on par with those of established exchanges, but less complex.
  • Diverse Assets: Trade a wide range of assets, from well-known to trending ones.

Nexo offers educational support to prepare users, including interactive learning materials and quizzes. Trading access requires passing a quiz, after which users can start trading with their USDT-funded Futures Wallet.

Why Choose Futures Trading?

Capital Efficiency: Futures require less upfront capital, allowing traders to expand their investment reach while managing risks.

Flexible Hedging: Nexo’s app now enables smooth switching between futures and spot trading. This feature helps traders hedge effectively against any price movement in the market.

Nexo’s introduction of simplified Futures is a step towards adding more features to the app, as we strive to enhance our platform for the growing number of cryptocurrency users.