Meet Riana Chaili: Invast Global’s face in Cyprus as women take the lead

All eyes were on Dubai as the iFX EXPO took place at the Dubai World Trade Center in late February.

At this year’s Dubai conference, a few days before International Womens’ Day our female industry leaders were invited to share their thoughts and insights. With a long way to go in our male dominated industry, it was important to hear from those on the frontline on topics like gender equality, female leadership and the progress that has been made and where we still have a way to go to improve.

Riana Chaili was one of the panelists. The new Managing Director, Cyprus of Invast Global was invited to headline on the Female Industry Leaders panel with an esteemed line up of her female peers. Chaili explained how the trading industry benefits from diversity, not only in the workplace but also in society. Given women account for half the population and could well account for half a broker’s customer base, that is a lot of potential clients to ignore.

Finance Feeds had the opportunity to speak with Riana Chaili and asked her to elaborate on this key business opportunity.

FF: You headlined on the Female Industry Leaders panel. What is the impact of accessibility and diversity in driving growth?

RC: “Diversity is hugely important in driving growth. A 2019 McKinsey and Company study found a direct correlation between diversity and above average profitability. Workplace diversity specifically helps to increase productivity, creativity, improves performance, staff retention and boosts collaboration throughout the business.

Innovation in teams is significantly boosted with a more inclusive workforce as there is a broader view of the problems your companies’ solutions can solve. Diversity really helps provide insight into the needs and motivations of all of your client or customer base, as opposed to just a small part of it.”

FF: Your achievements in FX dealing operations and risk management are an example for many women looking to enter the FX industry. What insights can you offer them?

RC: “Thank you very much, but I don’t look at myself so much as an example or role model. I believe women just need to have more confidence in their own abilities. Women, myself included, often underestimate ourselves.

There has traditionally been a negative correlation between success and likeability for women so many may feel the need to self-censor. As a result, men may feel more comfortable reaching for new opportunities but the barriers are down and there are now resources to help women build up their financial literacy. Women should feel confident in the skills they bring to the table as they are needed now more than ever.”

FF: Congrats on the appointment as Managing Director of Invast Global in Cyprus. I understand the new operation was launched to better support the European client base. How is it going?

RC: “Thank you. Since launching the office in October 2021 we have grown rapidly to seven full time staff based out of Limassol. With the addition of an office in Europe, our ability to service UK and European clients has grown significantly through expanding our 24-hour support function.”

FF: What does Invast Global have in store for 2022 and beyond?

RC: “Invast global is expanding and we plan to continue on this upward trajectory throughout 2022. Prior to the start of COVID-19 we had a team of 33 employees. Since then, we have doubled in size, moving to a new office space to accommodate the growing team and implementing a hybrid work model.

We are also in the process of launching a number of new products to fill out our already wide offering after much client demand. We’ll keep the details under wraps for now so stay tuned for more news on this front.”