LightPoint launches “hedge fund in a box”: LightPoint 360

LightPoint has launched a solution that enables new launch funds to focus on raising capital and running their core business securely from anywhere.

The solution, LightPoint 360, offers access to business and technology infrastructure on the road or from a desktop so that funds are able to streamline their interaction with their prime brokers and fund administrators regardless of their location.

LightPoint 360 combines LightPoint’s existing SaaS-based trading, order management, portfolio management, and accounting product with Microsoft 365.

In addition, it comes with a set of outsourced operational and IT services that include trading support, middle office operations, cloud hosting, security compliance, and fractional CTO services.

Empowering new funds without large upfront investments

Mike DeSanti, President, LightPoint Financial Technology, said: “We want to empower new funds to keep pace with the rapid technology and security innovations that are occurring in the industry without having to make large upfront investments in technology, infrastructure and operations.”

“With all of today’s cyber security issues that impact hedge fund investors, it is more important than ever that new launch funds leverage the huge security advantages to be gained from running their business infrastructure and trading software on a public cloud like Azure, combined with third-party independent security monitoring.

“In addition to the security benefits, cloud-based access provides all users from traders to middle office teams, to those taking care of end-of-day operations with flexible access to a comprehensive set of functionality and services, so they can focus on what they do best in way that suits their lifestyle.”

Scalable, cybersecurity, automated, shadow NAV, mobile app

LightPoint 360 empowers funds to run their entire operation in a personalized, secure public cloud environment with a front-to-back modular solution that allows them to scale up over time.

The solution provides protection from cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware and phishing attacks, and an integrated mobility features that gives traders and portfolio managers access to secure, live-ticking views of their positions and risk from both their mobile devices and their desktops.

Hedge fund COOs can better manage middle and back-office functions using LightPoint 360’s automated asset servicing features and its remote work capabilities.

Hedge fund CFOs can leverage the platform for access to a complete shadow NAV and general ledger with the ability to drill down from the summary numbers into the individual tax lots from their desktop or tablet, either in the office, at home, or on the road.