JPX launches website with ESG info on TSE listed companies

The I&D subsidiary of JPX has launched a new website called the “JPX Listed Company ESG Information WEB (Beta Version)” in collaboration with DATAZORA, a company that collects and disseminates a wide range of data on listed companies including their IR information.

,JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI) has launched a beta version first so it can gather feedback from listed companies, investors, and other market players regarding the Website’s usefulness.

The newly launched portal features a list of links to ESG-related information disclosed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) listed companies on their websites, including ESG-related news as well as reports containing ESG information, such as integrated reports, CSR reports, environmental reports, and sustainability reports. Links are collected by DATAZORA.

JPX taps DATAZORA to help TSE-listed companies communicate ESG info

The move is intended to help listed companies to communicate their ESG-related information to a wider range of investors and shareholders without increasing their IR workload. In addition, it should make each company’s website more accessible to investors and shareholders and lessen the burden of information gathering for them.

The website displays ESG-related news and reports containing ESG information disclosed on each company’s website in the past 90 days.

DATAZORA offers additional paid services, including an API for users to automatically obtain information equivalent to that posted on the abovementioned website launched by JPXI. The service covers all TSE-listed companies and provides approximately 50,000 items per month.

The ESG data platform also offers non-financial data extracted from reports containing ESG information published by TSE-listed companies and from sustainability-related webpages on listed company websites, in a CSV file format. It covers approximately 850 TSE-listed companies. Data from 2019 are available.

JPX launched ‘quant’ API for retail investors

J-Quants API is an API distribution service for retail investors, which distributes historical stock prices and corporate financial data through API.

From April to the end of May, the beta service had been offered to early adopters chosen by lottery, but now the general launch will bring the beta version of J-Quants API to all clients. The launch of the full-fledged service remains to be disclosed.

The API product was developed by JPXI, the exchange’s division that provides an environment to promote trading utilizing IT and data analysis for individuals interested in data science via the “J-Quants” project.

In Japan, retail investors are not provided with easy access to raw financial data. JPX Group is looking to tackle this issue. Last year launched an environment through the J-Quants project, which enabled retail investors to learn about investment analysis utilizing data, by providing financial data that professionals use such as historical stock prices and corporate financials data together with analytical methods for these data.

JPX began providing financial data through the API, including stock price and corporate financial data. The initiative was deemed a success and the firm received many requests for an expansion of the service. This led to the beta launch, that for two months was limited to early adopters and now is open to general users.