Italian app HYPE taps Bitpanda’s white label solution for fractional trading 24/7

HYPE, the Italian market leader in app-based money management, has tapped Bitpanda to offer its 1.7 million customers the ability to invest in more than 2,500 assets including fractional stocks, ETFs, and precious metals, with any sized budget on a 24/7 basis, even when markets are closed.

The integration, carried out entirely within the HYPE app, takes place through Fabrick’s Open Finance platform on which Bitpanda has published its APIs making its offering available to third parties.

Bitpanda White Label provides all the building blocks needed for a complete trading flow, giving the partner the opportunity to design its own trading solution, connecting to a cutting-edge API infrastructure.

Alongside the new offering, HYPE customers will also have access to Bitpanda Academy, an e-learning platform entirely in Italian that is dedicated to the in-depth study of personal finance and investment topics. This is to ensure that every investor can research and learn at their own pace, building the confidence they need to take control of their finances.

HYPE is the first entity in Italy to deploy this Bitpanda offering as the Australia fintech grows its B2B2C role.

Bitpanda: “Italy is a key market for us”

Luca Grampioggia, Deputy CEO of HYPE, said: “We want HYPE to be a gateway to all financial services and a tool to always take advantage of new opportunities in the area of money management. The integration of Bitpanda confirms this direction and adds an
extremely important new piece to give our customers a great service and one more opportunity to put the immobile savings in their current accounts to good use.”

Eric Demuth, co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda, said: “Since we founded Bitpanda we’ve always sought to build great tech that allows people to invest safely and simply. I think we’ve done a great job at that, and we now want to make sure the same tech can be used by as many European investors as possible. Bitpanda White Label is our answer to that problem. It is our commitment to an exciting, collaborative vision for the future of finance and is built around 8 years of hard won trading experience. This partnership, with a neobank supported by two major Italian banking groups, is a great example of what technology can achieve, and I can’t wait to see what else we can build together. Italy is a key market for us, and this partnership comes on the heels of 18 months of local presence in which we have achieved excellent results.”

Orlando Merone, Country Manager Italy at Bitpanda, commented: “When I launched the Italian market for Bitpanda, in March 2021, my goal was to make the world of investments easier and safer, convinced as I am that managing one’s financial future is a fundamental activity
for each of us. The partnership with Hype allows millions of Italian savers to access, for the first time, fractional investments in equities and ETFs, at a time in history when not taking care of your money is, quite simply, not an option. Today, for so many savers, a new path in
the investment world can begin, thanks to Hype’s foresight and our tech.”

Bitpanda APIs are available on Fabrick’s Open Finance platform

Fabrick’s Open Finance platform was crucial for the integration of Bitpanda’s white-label solution into HYPE’s money management app.

Paolo Zaccardi, Co-founder and CEO of Fabrick, said: “Accessible and mainstream retail investing is one of the juggernaut financial trends of the decade and consumer demand for investing tools has emerged as a much sought-after need in the market. Fabrick is delighted that through the Fabrick Open Finance platform, Bitpanda and HYPE have been empowered to easily integrate 24/7, real-time investing services quickly: nimbly responding to the needs of customers.

“The future of financial services is being shaped by an ever more sophisticated consumer, in order to satisfy this consumer operators must be ready to respond to trends and integrate new services at pace. Open Finance which fosters collaboration is making this possible and the expansion of the Bitpanda in-app investing announced today is an example of the innovative financial services Open Finance facilitates”.