Interview with Tatiana Pilipenko, Brokeree Solutions at FMLS ’22

The aftermath of the MetaQuotes suspension from the Apple Store is still ongoing as the FX and CFD industry look for alternatives to MT4/5.

FMLS 2022

The Finance Magnates London Summit 2022 brought together the cream of the crop of the FX and CFD trading industry under one roof.

Among them was Brokeree Solutions, the industry expert in MetaTrader 4 and 5 tech solutions development and platform servicing.

FinanceFeeds had the opportunity to speak with Tatiana Pilipenko, Senior Business Development Executive at Brokeree Solutions, about FMLS 2022, the aftermath of the MetaQuotes issue with Apple, and new products such as the cross-server social trading platform.

“It’s better now that people are looking for different solutions”

Tatiana Pilipenko told Nikolai Isayev, Editor-in-Chief at FinanceFeeds, that FMLS 2022 is a global event that allows her to see partners not only from London but also from all over the world. The event, chock-full of great speakers with important discussions going on, was a “very very busy” one, she added.

When talking shop with a developer of MT4/MT5 solutions, the first topic on one’s mind is inevitably the suspension of MetaQuotes apps from the Apple Store and how is the industry reacting to it.

Will MetaQuotes continue to be the gold standard of trading platforms as it has been or will there be alternative solutions? The answer is that, although MetaQuotes has provided a functional workaround with iOS responsiveness on the MT5 WebTrader, FX brokers and development firms are branching out, which is a good thing.

“Expansion is always good for brokers”, she said about opening up to alternatives to MetaTrader. “Let’s be honest, it’s better now that people are looking for different solutions. We’re developers of MetaTrader, but are now thinking of development with others”.
While expansion will be good for everyone, Tatiana Pilipenko believes things will not end this way for MetaQuotes as they look for a solution for themselves “and I’m sure they’ll find a way”. She reminded that the revamped MT5 WebTrader is friendly with any browser on mobile and that brokers continue using MetaTrader.

Brokeree Solutions to unveil new product soon

The year 2022 was full of industry events for Brokeree Solutions, namely in the Middle East, Asia, and London, effectively putting the COVID-19 pandemic behind them as now they can see clients from all over the world and present them new products and updates, such as the cross-server functionality on their social trading platform.

Tatiana Pilipenko hinted that Brokeree Solutions will announce a product launch in the beginning of the year. We’ll have to wait for iFX EXPO Dubai 2023 to ask her all about it. See you in Dubai.