Grand Capital Wins Award for ‘Exceptional Customer and Partner Support‘ as part of Awards 2021

Grand Capital Ltd., the leading multi-asset brokerage firm, has been named the winner of the ‘Exceptional Customer and Partner Support‘ award presented by the Awards 2021, earning the recognition for delivering high-quality, timely, and consistent support. 

For us at Grand Capital, this honour means that we’ve managed to address all stages along with the customer and partner journey across all of our support channels.

Grand Capital builds long-term partnerships focused on the big picture, and every service we offer caters to the business imperatives vital to our clients and partners’ success. With a focus on mitigating risk for our clients and maximizing opportunities for partners, we turn support services into a competitive advantage. 

Since 2006, Grand Capital has been providing high-quality services for online trading on the financial markets to traders around the world. Traders receive access to over 330 assets, including currency pairs, international stock CFDs, indices, metals, amongst other tradable assets.

Grand Capital representative comments:

“Support services are a strategic lever for our partners and traders and vital to achieving our company’s value. Grand Capital brings together the expertise, technology, and best practices to guide clients and partners in setting their vision and enabling a mutually successful business. The Awards 2021 recognition provides further validation for how Grand Capital is supporting customers and empowering partners to unleash their own excellence and turn it into a competitive advantage.” 

Grand Capital is a member of the Financial Commission, an independent external dispute resolution body (EDR). Aside from handling disputes, the Financial Commission protects the interests of traders, providing a compensation fund of up to €20,000 per claim.

The Financial Commission also issued an execution certification for Grand Capital, as the industry-specific association attempts to reduce the number of execution-related disputes that occur before they progress into formal complaints. The FinaCom’s assessments depend on VerifyMyTrade, a post-trade solution that has developed capabilities to accurately measure the execution quality of positions across the retail FX market.

“At these uncertain times, during which market volatility inexorably increased, customer service specialists have become deeply engaged into both traders and partners’ experience with their broker. Without having high-quality practices in place, they wouldn’t be able to grow their respective business as comfortably as they used to,” said a representative of “It is our honour to recognize Grand Capital as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the investment environment of their clients and partners.” 

FX brokers and technology providers from across the globe submitted their offerings and recent innovations for consideration in the Awards 2021. Winners were judged by a select group of industry experts who volunteered their time and expertise to score nominations. 

About Grand Capital

Grand Capital has been a provider of technology for trading in currency and derivatives markets since 2006. Over these years, the company has become a financial partner of more than 500,000 traders all over the world. 

The company has offices in 40 countries — in South Asia, Africa, CIS, Europe, India, Latin America, as well as an affiliate program for attracting and servicing clients, which helps to provide high-quality services in the native languages of clients in those countries where the company does not have an office. Grand Capital speaks 15 languages and provides clients from 188 countries with access to financial markets.


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