FriesDAO lures former president of Domino’s Pizza to join advisory board

Kory Spiroff, a former president of Domino’s Pizza, is joining the advisory board of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) FriesDAO. The appointment will be effective immediately, the firm announced on Thursday.


The advisory board provides market and business insights to assist FriesDAO with bridging real world assets into DeFi, blockchain-based governance and on-chain platforms.

In his new advisory role, Spiroff will help FriesDAO achieve its goal of giving the crypto community an opportunity to participate in the acquisition of fast food restaurant franchises.

Following its recent $9.69 million funding round, the startup plans to purchase and operate franchises of well-known fast-food chains. It is intended that FriesDAO would also build on-chain and membership utility around its acquired brands. The team behind the project expects this approach to gradually expand its footprint to multiple businesses under its governance model as part of the restaurant network.

As a result, FriesDAO may link into other DeFi networks by establishing on-chain protocols that can access store operating data from sales to logistics.

A lengthy career with fast food outlets

For nearly four decades, Spiroff developed his career in the restaurant industry, where he spent the bulk of his time working with Domino’s Pizza. This included senior roles at Alamar Foods Company, which holds the master franchise rights for Domino’s Pizza throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan. In 2003, he moved his family to Europe, eventually serving as Domino’s Vice President of EMEA.

Spiroff joins Drizly co-founder Brett Beller and crypto veteran Bill Swo Lee, who are working to organize the FriesDAO’s ecosystem as advisors. FriesDAO has also enlisted the expertise of franchise veterans Olivier Meyer and Jean-Clauder Meyer, who co-founded and operate a 170+ quick-service chain of restaurants to advise and monitor shop operations.

Commenting on his appointment, Spiroff said: “The Quick Service Restaurant space has always been a dynamic and fast-paced environment.  It is constantly innovating and evolving, through new products and new restaurant formats, and more recently through technology.  Technology innovation has been a driving force in the industry for the past several years, to the point where Domino’s is often referred to as “a tech company that just happens to sell pizza.”

He continued: “I believe we have only scratched the surface, and I’m excited to join this cutting edge experiment with friesDAO.  The wealth of knowledge and positive energy coming through the Discord channel every day is truly inspiring.  We’re seeing, and indeed creating the next frontier for QSR, leveraging blockchain-based governance, and the integration of DeFi and on-chain data.”