FinanceFeeds Podcast Ep.#8: Chris Rowe’s consultancy for FX brokers is free of charge

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“That philosophy always stuck with me […] Always try to find the right solution for people”, he said during the interview as he explained his approach to work and sales. “Put yourself in your client’s shoes, listen and then provide them with the solutions that they need.”

Chris Rowe noted that the FX industry is a global village and, as such, everybody knows everybody. If one sells something a client doesn’t want or need, they won’t come back and will share that experience with their network. “Very short lifespan in this industry if you mis-sale”, he added.

Chris Rowe helps FX/CFD brokers with sales, compliance, platforms, payments, banking

Chris Rowe started his consultancy business in 2020 after a first experience working for an innovative Canada-based firm who offered a sophisticated deliverable FX platform.The eureka moment: “how many fintech companies are out there that don’t have a sales person, that probably cannot afford someone like myself full time?”

His FX business started out as an outsource sales team for various different companies, but developed into a consultancy firm for brokers, solving their pressing issues and projects.

Offering FX consultancy services for brokers free of charge, Chris Rowe gets paid from introducer deals with technology vendors.

“It works very well. It allows me to be a bit more educated in various different areas that previously I wasn’t an expert in. I partnered up with people who really know their individual areas. Compliance is an example. It is something you can’t pick up on a whim”, he said, adding that his services for brokers evolved to compliance, trading platforms, as well as payments and banking as he realized how difficult it was for some FX firms to get this kind of services.