Finalto pushes Finalto Trade to help brokers diversify amid MT4/MT5 iOS issues

Finalto is tapping the current sentiment among brokers toward MetaTrader and the need for trading platform diversification in order to promote Finalto Trade, its “truly multi-asset trading platform both on web and mobile”. 

Finalto Trade is fully customisable platform that is offered as a white label solution for the many trading brands out there looking to add more solutions for their users or simply completely replace their MT4/MT5 offerings.

The MetaTrader debacle comes in good timing for Finalto, which has won Best Multi-asset Trading Platform 2021 at the Finance Magnates Awards.

The platform is supported by Finalto Dealer, a back office dealing tool that allows brokers to create multiple groups and profiles as well as providing three different hedging modes.

Finalto argues that its proprietary and white label trading platform compliments many of the most popular trading platforms to help brokers to future-proof their business.

Finalto suggests key criteria for brokers looking for a trading platform

Finalto Trade is being pushed to brokers as the trading platforms developed by MetaQuotes remain suspended by Apple Trade in the follow-up of numerous scam complaints in the United States and elsewhere.

Mobile trading accounted for 55 percent of trades in Q1 2021, according to data compiled by Finance Magnates Intelligence in 2021, while desktop platforms accounted for the remaining 45 percent. These numbers show the increasing importance of mobile for brokers, an option currently unavailable for iOS users of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

“Recent developments have held a mirror to the financial services industry recently, and illustrated the risk involved in relying solely on one provider. Using multiple tech providers can provide an element of protection against risk, as well as allowing brokers to cater their services to different requirements of their clients”, said Finalto in a statement.

“While many traders remain focused on having all the data, charts and tracking, a growing portion of traders are looking for trading distilled down to the simplest form of Buy or Sell accompanied by the ease of mobile apps.”

Finalto listed a few criteria for brokers when looking for a new trading platform provider, which includes the availability of mobile apps for both iOS and Android, fast order execution, charting abilities on both desktop and mobile applications, push notifications, alerts to mobile and send in platform messages, and experience.