Exegy expands product portfolio following 2021 merger with Vela Trading

Exegy offers a range of solutions, from market data to signals and analytics, to algos and automation, and execution.

Exegy has expanded its product portfolio to provide more comprehensive solutions across the capital markets ecosystem following its 2021 merger with Vela Trading Systems.

The provider of market data, predictive signals, trading platforms, and execution technology, backed by Marlin Equity Partners, has been focused on consolidating and enhancing its robust product suite under the Exegy brand.

Exegy unveiled its new product portfolio, which is comprised of:

Market Data: Exegy’s new consolidated feed, Axiom, adds to the existing and patented hardware and software ticker plant offerings, providing high-quality market data access to firms of all sizes and strategies.

Signals and Analytics: Signum’s AI-driven Real-Time signals and Intraday and End-of-Day Summary Data offerings predict price movements and identify hidden liquidity that improve the performance of execution algorithms and alpha-seeking strategies.

Algos and Automation: For the demanding derivatives market, Exegy’s Metro automated trading platform is joined by the hardware-accelerated Xero Volatility Trading Engine (VTE) that delivers tick-to-trade latencies under 120 nanoseconds.

Execution: Exegy now offers a fully managed Direct Market Access (DMA) platform, as well as software execution order gateways designed to meet a range of latency requirements.

Craig Schachter, Chief Revenue Officer at Exegy, commented: “The company is committed to delivering end-to-end, high-performing solutions focused on enhancing performance and accelerating growth for Exegy’s customers. Exegy’s goal is to make innovative technologies available to more firms across the trading ecosystem in order to further our ambitions to unify and democratize capital markets.”

David Taylor, Co-President and Chief Technology Officer at Exegy, said: “Over the past 20 years we have demonstrated our commitment to relentless technology innovation and to premium user experiences that deliver all of the value of cutting-edge, disruptive technology without the high cost, time-to-market, and technical risk of building it yourself.

“Our robust capabilities in FPGA-based hardware acceleration and AI-powered predictive signals, combined with our expanded product portfolio following our merger with Vela, have enabled us to partner with our clients more comprehensively. We now have the ability to deliver more alpha opportunities, improve execution quality, and reduce operational risk with a holistic approach to their business goals and technology constraints.”

Since the merger with Vela Trading, Exegy strengthened its senior leadership team with a number of strategic market hires including Craig Schachter as Chief Revenue Officer and David Foster as Chief Financial Officer.