Exclusive interview with Stacey Van Niekerk of Finalto Group

With qualifications in A+ IT certification; in programming and wealth management as well as currently studying Investment Management at CISI Stacey Van Niekerk is an incredible asset to the Finalto Group. Having 10 years combined extensive experience in the Financial Industry working and helping Brokerage Firms and Fintech companies assist clients around the world in regions such as Australia; Africa; Europe; Asia; Uk and Mena Stacey is now responsible for driving Finalto’s B2B technology offering.

  1. In 2020 the firm rebranded from CFH and TradeTech to Finalto. How is that working out in terms of business development?

It’s been great for us and the successful alignment of the group and its product range makes us both a stronger and a better provider for our clients.

The most common question we get from clients is why?!

Well, Tradetech and CFH were leaders within the Industry for some time, along with our thriving risk management division Alpha. Our advanced technology offering has evolved phenomenally over the last few years is going from strength to strength with many exciting updates for 2022.

It simply made great sense to align all under one powerful brand.

The rebranding into Finalto – Next Level Financial markets has unified us into one big family focusing on one objective; to become a one-stop shop for the financial market. 

Clients have the opportunity to work with a financially stable enterprise that has 15+ years of experience in the forex industry powered by a technology that has been both tried and tested over the course of a decade and today serve as a foundation for some of the global leading brokerages in our industry.

  1. A lot of brokers look to outsource not the entire technology stack but only leverage the expertise of a platform or an experienced back office. Is that what Finalto 360 is all about?

Finalto360 is our full turnkey brokerage solution which includes 5 essential modules for running a brokerage.  

The 360 suite offers our clients both a convenient and cost-effective option to start or scale a brokerage from one point of contact. 

Additionally, to 360, as you mention in your question.

For those more established entities who like to cherry-pick among our tech suite and leverage our expertise for a specific module.

We also offer separate standalone solutions, such as our fast-growing Finalto Trade and Trade+ Platform, as well as our award-winning CRM and back-office Finalto Control to suit every brokers requirement and need.

  1. “5 Modules, 1 Powerful Platform”: How does this model work?

I also like to phrase it as “5 modules; 1 complete solution”. These modules are offered within our Finalto 360 suite which as mentioned above is a powerful system that can run a broker’s full front and back end operations. The first 5 modules consist of:

A NEW generation trading platform that suits both professional and retail traders. Is it a truly Multi-asset designed platform with integrated in-depth and highly engaging news feeds and content? It allows brokers to set themselves apart from the mass market in today’s highly competitive FX space which we know is saturated with brokers using the same platform. Finalto Trade offers a customizable and modular design with high performance and a user-friendly workspace for the trader.

  • Finalto Deal: Offers a desktop-based comprehensive dealer console that aids with the management of our Finalto Trade and Trade+ Platform. Offering multiple tools which allow the broker to have full control and endless setting capabilities on dealing and risk management, financial adjustments and instrument and feed management.
  • Finalto Control: Is our state-of-the-art and award-winning Central Management System that supports multiple brands and multiple entities in one solution. Combining innovative automation and multi-communication tools and features which ensures maximized optimization and productivity boost for our clients.
  • Finalto Insight: Offers real-time business metrics and advanced reporting tools that enable brokers the flexibility to explore; add; create and edit all data sources; powered by world-leading analytics software.
  • Finalto Communicate: Multiple powerful marketing communication and engagement channels that allow the broker to group and segment clients; send personalized Adhoc messages; push notifications and schedule campaigns.
  1. Finalto offers access to 800 instruments across 7 asset classes, including cash cryptos. How strong has been the demand for a crypto offering?

That’s about right, we offer 1000+ instruments and we are constantly growing both the instruments and asset classes.  The liquidity streaming from our well-established prime of prime LP’s is an integral part of the Finalto group

We can also add what is requested from the broker upon a business case presented.

The crypto demand is slowly growing, and we will soon be adding to already provided Crypto CFD’s. We will additionally be offering both Physical Crypto and DMA Stocks through our fast-evolving Finalto Trade Platform

We are happy to listen to the Brokers and their traders’ needs and we are confident our system can satisfy them and give them the ultimate trading experience.

Feel free to contact me for any further information and to test our platform and 360suite.  

Discover everything that Finalto can offer to take your business to the next level at www.finalto.com

Service available only to Professional clients and varies per jurisdiction – Trading involves a significant risk of loss.