Exclusive interview on RegTech’s plug-and-play

FINKIT’s new Sales Director spoke with FinanceFeeds about joining the innovative provider of risk and regulatory reporting solutions at a time of pressing challenges for the FX industry.

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FINKIT, a rising star in the realm of risk and regulatory reporting, has welcomed Christina Barbash as their new Sales Director. 

With over a decade of experience in the FX industry, Barbash brings a wealth of expertise to the FINKIT team. Her track record includes roles at FXPrimus, STOCK.com, UFX Markets, and most recently as Business Development Manager at the Limassol-based RegTech firm, Point Nine.

Barbash’s extensive experience in the Forex industry, combined with her deep knowledge of the RegTech space, makes her a strategic choice for driving FINKIT’s growth in the market. Her strong background in business development and sales aligns well with FINKIT’s mission of simplifying regulatory compliance for investment firms across the EU, UK, and UAE.

A plug-and-play solution for firms licensed across the EU, UK and UAE

FINKIT, founded in 2021 in Cyprus, has rapidly made its mark as a company focused on automating and streamlining financial reporting processes for regulated investment firms. The firm’s unique selling point is its comprehensive suite of solutions, which cater to various regulatory aspects including Compliance, Risk Management, Dealing, and IFRS accounting. This innovative approach has garnered FINKIT attention and admiration within the industry. 

The company’s plug-and-play software offers tailored solutions to serve investment firms efficiently. Some of their notable solutions include IFR/IFD reporting, quarterly statistics reporting, anti-money laundering transaction monitoring, safeguarding of clients’ funds and assets, and common reporting standards compliance.

FINKIT’s emphasis on data security and performance further sets them apart. With AWS Cloud hosting and stringent internal policies, the company ensures that client data remains secure and confidential. Their ongoing pursuit of ISO27001 certification for data security is indicative of their commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

As the Sales Director, Christina Barbash is poised to drive FINKIT’s market presence and help investment firms navigate the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory obligations. With her experience and FINKIT’s innovative solutions, the company is well-equipped to provide a one-stop-shop for investment firms seeking efficient, accurate, and streamlined regulatory compliance solutions. The FX industry can expect to see exciting developments and advancements under her leadership at FINKIT.

An exclusive interview with FINKIT’s Christina Barbash

In an exclusive interview with FinanceFeeds, Christina Barbash expressed her excitement about joining FINKIT and leading the sales team. She also highlighted FINKIT’s unique approach to regulatory reporting catering to the FX industry: “It is one of the first or the first company allowing investment firms a unique hub of seamless and simple access to Risk and also Compliance using an authentic source of data: Trading platforms.”

Christina Barbash, Sales Director at FINKIT

Congratulations on your new endeavor at FINKIT! What does this mean for you personally and professionally?

Joining FINKIT is a significant step for me both personally and professionally. Personally, it represents a new chapter of growth and learning. Professionally, it’s an opportunity to contribute my skills to a dynamic team and expand my expertise in the FinTech industry. I’m excited about the challenges and possibilities this endeavour will bring.

As an FX industry professional with a wealth of experience in the RegTech business, can you tell us what are FINKIT’s key strengths?

FINKIT, a single portal truly automating Risk Management and Compliance at once leveraging a Plug & Play integration with MT4-5 API or Report Servers, allows investment firms to monitor, in Real Time and across multiple integrated platforms, their Consolidated Open Exposures and K-Factor requirements to comply with their Risk policies and Compliance obligations. Decision-makers in regulated environments strive to ensure consistency and accuracy while reporting regulatory data in a timely manner.

Our clients resonate with a user-friendly interface designed by professionals from the investment firms’ industry to explore business intelligence data, fully automate the completion of CySEC-ready reports such as Form165, and QST, set alerts for STR and SAR and notifications in real-time for AML Transaction monitoring purposes with 1-click. And there is much more, and we mean it.

It is one of the first or the first company allowing investment firms a unique hub of seamless and simple access to Risk and also Compliance using an authentic source of data: Trading platforms.

Data security is oftentimes a deal breaker for clients. How do you operate security-wise?

At Finkit Solutions, we give security and data protection the utmost importance to ensure the safety of our systems and the security of clients’ data. We have established internal policies and procedures that govern how we manage and protect sensitive information with the highest standards. 

While relying on the reputable hosting provider AWS, we put in place multiple layers of security measures to protect data from unauthorized access or cyber-attacks. We conduct regular penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities in our systems and applications, and we also provide regular security awareness training for our developers to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest threats and best practices. We implement the latest technologies of encryption and Access Controls such as Multi-Factor authentication while using role-based access control to data subject to user permissions.

What are the most critical regulatory challenges brokers will face this year and beyond?

Regulators are overwhelming the brokers with regulations which are thousands of pages. On top, we see the geopolitical changes which have a huge effect as well.

The regulatory environment is very dynamic and brokers need to either keep up internally or seek the services of specialists. AML, KYC, sanctions, IFR, and transaction reporting are and will continue to be the most critical challenges for brokers.