EX-Sky News analyst Nour Al-Hammoury joins SquaredFinancial

CySEC-regulated broker SquaredFinancial has appointed Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury as its chief market analyst, boosting the company’s daily research and supporting its educational offering.

One of the primary motives behind the appointment is to advance SquaredFinancial’s research and financial education initiatives in the Arabic-speaking countries. Nour’s addition to the team will also help address the region’s needs for high-profile trading professionals and forex education solutions.

Nour is one of the most recognized investment pros and media personalities in Middle East. He served for more than three year at Sky News Arabia as a business analyst and presenter, providing daily segments and offering in-depth analysis of the latest regional and global economic developments.

Prior to that, Al-Hammoury was at ADS Securities between 2013 and 2016. He had been one of the group’s more vocal figures in these years, having appeared on CNN, Bloomberg and other networks.

Over the course of his career, other stops include working as chief market strategist at Amana Capital, Markets.com, Forex Place LTD, amongst others.

Overall, Nour brings to the role 15 years of experience as an investor, independent market strategist and financial advisor, focused on forex, stocks and global economic developments, as well as central bank policies and intermarket analysis.

Philippe Ghanem, Founder of SquaredFinancial, said: “Nour has the knowledge and background to lead our team of analysts, but most of all, he has the passion. I’m sure that his addition to the team will drive growth value to maintain our clients, root their trust, and attract a wider client base. His expertise will further amplify SquaredFinancial’s aim to change the way people perceive a broker.”

Nour Hammoury, Chief Market Analyst at SquaredFinancial, commented: “I’m pleased and excited to join SquaredFinancial’s team at this turning point in the company’s journey. The management’s commitment to becoming traders’ first choice and long-term partner advances knowledge and education.”

SquaredFinancial rebranded in 2018 from its previous tradename, ProbusFX, a Cyprus based financial services provider that was founded in 2017 and soon received its license from the Cyprus regulator. The move came as part of their pairing up with sister company, Squared Financial Services Limited, now trading as SquaredPro to form the Squared Financial Group.

Additionally, the legal name of the company has been changed from Aspide Financial Limited to Squared Financial (CY) Limited.

In 2020, the company appointed Husam Al Kurdi to the role of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), replacing Youssef Barakat, who has been with the CySEC-regulated broker since 2009.