Euronext FX volumes take step forward in January

Pan-European exchange, Euronext has reported a slight increase in the average daily volume on its spot foreign exchange market. The figure stood at $24.9 billion in January, which is higher 1.8 percent than December’s ADV of $24.4 billion.

Taking a year-over-year perspective, Euronext’s total currency turnover was higher by 27 percent from $19.6 billion reported back in January 2022.

In terms of its aggregated monthly turnover, Euronext FX reported $548 billion, which is up 12 percent from $489 billion that changed hands in the previous month.

Euronext, which operates stock and derivatives markets in countries such as France, the Netherlands and Belgium, also said its total derivatives trading rose by 20 percent. The figure was reported at 12.7 million contracts a day in January compared to 10.5 million in December. However, it was down by 7.8 percent when weighed against 2022’s turnover.

Euronext has recently made strides in advancing the shift toward sustainable finance by introducing a range of strategic ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. These initiatives were unveiled as part of the inaugural Euronext Sustainability Week, reflecting the exchange operator’s dedication to sustainable finance and its efforts to drive positive change within the industry.

At the heart of Euronext’s commitment to sustainable finance lies its dedication to assisting issuers throughout their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) journey. In a notable move, Euronext has unveiled the “My ESG Profile,” an innovative digital tool.

This tool helps issuers highlight their sustainability efforts while providing investors with access to relevant ESG data. Euronext is set to showcase nearly 1,900 ESG company profiles, setting a precedent as the first stock exchange to offer standardized non-financial data from its issuers directly on its website.

Issuers can promote their profiles through Euronext’s customer portal, whilst offering greater transparency in financial markets and ensuring broader access to reliable ESG data.