Eurex adds four products to MSCI index-based futures and options

Deutsche Börse’s derivatives-focused exchange, Eurex has expanded ESG products with the launch of further futures and options to its current MSCI index-based derivatives suite.

European derivatives exchange confirmed it has added futures on the MSCI Germany and the MSCI Israel. The offering now comprises a total of 156 futures and 26 options.

According to Eurex, the launch comes amid rising demand for its already extensive MSCI offering, and provides tools for investors seeking higher ESG scores while at the same time staying close to their benchmarks.

Eurex has also extended the offering with the addition of two new options: MSCI China and MSCI Saudi Arabia. The MSCI China options will replace the MSCI China Free options and the launch of MSCI Saudi Arabia options makes sense as Eurex is already the leading market for Saudi Arabian index derivatives.

“MSCI is happy to continue to partner with Eurex on the expansion of new European, Middle Eastern and Asian Futures and Options. The continued rise in open interest of MSCI derivatives at Eurex is a clear sign of growing demand in the end user community,” said George Harrington, Managing Director & Global Head of Fixed Income and Derivatives – MSCI

Eurex continues to expand its MSCI index-based derivatives as the exchange describes the product as one of its fastest growing segments, with participation from institutional investors doubling over the past two years. Inclusion in an MSCI index steers billions of dollars of funds from portfolios that track such benchmarks.

Solid trading volumes

During January 2022, Eurex average daily cleared volumes in OTC interest rate derivatives grew to a record level of EUR 276 billion, which translates to a total of EUR 5.8 trillion.

Eurex disclosed that a total of 133 million contracts were traded across its financial derivatives, which include European equity index, interest rate, and equity derivatives. This figure was higher by three percent over a yearly timeframe, compared to 129 million contracts reported back in January 2021.

The Eurex FX offering of classic FX futures and options, in combination with the rolling spot futures, allows traders to manage their FX exposures with listed products.

The pan-European exchange has made efforts over the past year to expand its FX trading business, most recently signing major banks to support their FX futures, from clearing to trading.

Eurex’s currency trading desk currently offers various FX derivatives products, including FX futures available in 19 currency pairs, all with quotation and tick sizes in-line with existing OTC FX standards. A liquidity scheme caters for tight pricing and competitive liquidity, it says.